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Heading West

(For all the FB folks, you need to click on the link to the blog page to really appreciate this) West-Southwest, actually. Tomorrow, I will drive (according to Mapquest) 963 miles to Houston Texas, taking Martha to her Mama, Megan. … Continue reading

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Home Alone

Well, not really. While my wife and daughters spend a week in London, I’m home with our four Labs and Megan’s puppy, Martha. Going to England has been a   long-time dream for my wife and from what I hear, … Continue reading

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18 + 1= Fun Day

The first photo was taken approximately eighteen years ago when we lived in Columbia, SC.         (Go Cocks!)   The second photo with their mother added (+1)  was taken yesterday at the Aiken (SC)  Steeplechase. The girls … Continue reading

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Time Flies

How time flies when you are having fun. It has been almost  a week with little opportunity or energy to engage with my online tribes.  I underestimated  the disintegration brought about by moving to another state and re-igniting your career. … Continue reading

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Dam Near Impossible

  We have four, Black Labs about that size….lot’s of love and very little sadness as a result. As a matter of fact, sadness is dam near impossible, as long as you don’t hide in a closet.   Thanks to … Continue reading

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Imperfect X 2 = Perfect

I have heard it stated that “the perfect marriage is two, imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other”. Whoever came up with that is very wise.      There were times I  did not believe that to … Continue reading

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A Special Day, A Special Bottle

One of my good friends turned 81 today.  Ron’s children live in far away cities, so in many ways over the years, I have become a surrogate sibling. A role that I am happy to take on. Alicia and I … Continue reading

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An Acquired Skill?

We have returned from our journey to Auburn, Alabama and since my wife and daughter documented the goings on via their FB accounts, I’ll resist the urge to duplicate what they have already posted for the world to see. I … Continue reading

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That Time Of The Year

Overnight, there was a  total of ten individuals sleeping at our house. Normal complement these days is two, maybe three on a busy night. Daughters home from college,  and cities far away….friends know they are always welcome. Bowling, Chinese food, … Continue reading

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First Fire

An almost lazy Sunday I visited an older friend who lives alone this afternoon… …only to find out his refrigerator broke, all his food went bad and he is waiting for the replacement tomorrow. Called my honey, “Is one more … Continue reading

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Please, Help Me Understand

We have an interesting rule in our house, (which I did not make) During the hot summer months, we leave the air cnditioning settings at seventy-two degrees. I am told that seventy is too cold and seventy-two is just as … Continue reading

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Later this week, my wife and I will celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary. That is of course, unless she sees this post…….. Things men do that upset women: 1. Lie. 2. Be honest. 3. Not talk. 4. Talk too much. … Continue reading

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Marriage Is Easy (?)

I came accross this earlier today on Kurt Harden’s blog. Kurt Harden discovered it on Artie Issac’s blog. I call this “cross pollenation”…we pass information on to each other and then to another. This is a great article. I wish … Continue reading

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Blogging Takes A Back Seat

Between resting, reading and humoring this group…not much time/desire to blog while here in the Lowcountry. Don’t worry, I’ll get back in the mood sooner or later. The loving and charming Mrs. V. will be catching up with us later … Continue reading

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Noteworthy Event #1

Friday, May 16, 2014 marked the 60th annivesary of my parents marriage…60 years! I visted them in April for several days and was not able to get up there for this weekend. I did however, arrange for a dear family … Continue reading

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