An Acquired Skill?

We have returned from our journey to Auburn, Alabama and since my wife and daughter documented the goings on via their FB accounts, I’ll resist the urge to duplicate what they have already posted for the world to see.

I will leave it as “A good time was had by all”

As far the the award, it was for Megan’s straight A grades last semester.  Considering it was her first semester as a transfer student and the course load she took, (anyone remember Organic Chemistry?) it was a very strong showing by our youngest daughter as she continues her journey to became a PA.

Also to note, is that of the 233 students acknowledged yesterday, there was only one other from South Carolina; a graduating senior, who also  happened to be from Aiken.  I tried to catch up with him after the  event ended, but could not find him.

Program Cover

Program Cover

The part of the weekend I want to mention here  is in the form of a question:

“How do people who live and work in different time zones deal with it?”

Due to lots of events at the Campus and surrounds this weekend, (and not being interested in paying confiscatory prices for a place to sleep) we ended up staying at the Hampton Inn, Lanett, AL. Between the hotel  and the university, on I-85,  was the sign, “Welcome to the Central Time Zone”

As we moved between points A, B & C we crossed back and forth across the line and since we were not prepared for that, along with being very tired, it seemed just a little daunting.  For us parents, it was simply a question of  waking up in one time zone and not wanting to be late for an awards ceremony in another.

I wonder how people who live and work in two time-zones get used to it.

It must be an acquired skill.  Anyone out there have this experience under their belts?

And I can’t resist one picture…squinting in the bright sunshine as it was…

Megan with her proud parents.

Megan with her proud parents.



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  1. P & J says:

    Great photo! Congrats, Megan! 🙂

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