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Sunday sentiment – haiku

Originally posted on Peter's pondering:
Happy with myself, my body is a temple. Perfection’s passé!

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Saving The Date

This evening I was reading the Cincinnati “City Beat”  (paper version) and saw that Joe Jackson will be coming to the Taft Theatre on June 13th.  Saving the date. Anyone remember this one?

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Originally posted on simplisticInsights:
In celebration of the newest post realeasing tomorrow “Battle of the Tides -Eliminating all future Regrets” Hope you all enjoy!

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Inner Strength

Originally posted on Healing Your Grief:
Sometimes you don’t realise your own strength, until you come face to face with your greatest weakness – Susan Gale ? A warrior asked his Master to show him awareness and insight, but he…

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Did You Know?

Originally posted on itchingforhitching:
That Western Australia produces and exports both diamonds and talc. That is both the hardest and the softest minerals on earth. BASF extract beta carotene from the pink lake near Port Gregory in WA. It is…

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Old age – How can one be happy?

Originally posted on Im ashamed to die until i have won some victory for humanity.(Horace Mann):
Many people are afraid of old age. They fear the loneliness of isolation, the unattractiveness of wrinkles and sagging skin, or the impairment…

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He’s #19 on the field today. (Watch)

Originally posted on Live & Learn:
“No matter what he does on Sunday, Malcolm says it will never be his proudest accomplishment.” Malcom Mitchell, #19 and Wide Receiver for the New England Patriots. Today, The Reader… Inspiring…Full stop.

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