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A Good Place To Be.

“I’m in a really good place right now. Not emotionally or spiritually. Just on the couch with my dogs”….@sungazing1

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I Heard It

Last April I posted a piece entitled Swithching Gears.  I don’t recall writing it, but in searching my blog it a few minutes ago,  I found it and was surprised by how introspective it was.   This morning while running … Continue reading

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This Time, The Last Sentence

Followers of this blog know that I often introduce books that I am reading by using the title, Opening Paragraphs. Today, as Christmas gifts, I received three books from my daughters and below is the last sentence of the first … Continue reading

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Not To Be Left Out

As I was finalizing my posts this morning, I realized again that there were no pictures of our first daughter (and the one who is most like me), Kelliann. Without any prompting from me, she sent this photo under the … Continue reading

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Today Is The Day

Earlier today, one of my co-workers, Bob Nelson  stated,  “Today is the day. Go outside while you can still see the grass, because you probably won’t see it again until the middle of March.” Wonderful. The three, Southern  beasts will … Continue reading

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A Fair Trade Off

I’ll let the pictures do the talking. . .    

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Still Beating The Odds

When we moved to Michigan in July,  three of our four Black Labs moved with us and  one stayed back in Aiken with our daughter, Kelliann.  Maggie, aged 13, stayed behind as Snickers, Big Red and Mackenzie made the move … Continue reading

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