On Cheese

imagesIf anyone ever tells you that you put too much parmesan cheese on your pasta, stop talking to them.

You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

Adapted from sarcasm_only on Instagram


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Key Point

“Red has a job?” asked Cloud.                                           Unknown.jpeg

“He’s the local theatre’s chief locksmith,” replied Yuffie.

“I see,” said Cloud, not actually seeing. “Do they need a chief locksmith?”

“Oh yes,” replied Yuffie. “He’s a key employee!”


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Just Like Riding A Bike

Last Sunday evening after the conclusion of graduation festivities, I was taking a family friend to Charlotte to  catch her flight home.  Upon completing my task, I decided to stop in Rock Hill, SC to fuel up and get something to snack on for the remaining, two-hour trip home.

As I exited the interstate (I-77), I was greeted by a heavy thunderstorm and visability dropped to almost nothing.  Better to be driving slow than fast, I thought, and then I heard an unfamiliar “pop” and the handling of the car changed. A quick look at the dashboard confirmed my my fear, “Add Air Immediately.”  I was able to quickly  pull into a parking lot, got out and observed my  almost new, but completely flat, front tire.


Driving down the middle of the road, minding my business and then this.

Swell.  I quickly reminded myself it had been at least twenty years since I had (and/or replaced) a flat tire.  Good statistics, until that moment.

Did I mention the torrential rain and lightning?

Luckily,  I had brought a windbreaker and ball cap so I went to work and completed the task, without even a scraped knuckle, aside from being soaked to the bone.

The instructions on the donut advised not to drive in excess of 50 mph.  I was feeling lucky (and knew I was only getting three hours of sleep before I had my own flight to catch early Monday morning) and at times, was actually driving the speed limit of 70.

Changing flat tires. You never forget, just like riding a bike.

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Anyone With Me On This?

Anyone with me on this one?  IMG_0754.jpg

A picture of my reality.

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Hockey, In June?

I’m becoming more of a Penguins fan as each day goes by, but am I the only one who thinks it strange that we will be watching hockey into June?

Just sayin’th

I am reminded of the winter’s of my youth. With a big pond in our back yard and a box of friction tape for my sticks, the skates were on as much as I could.  While I never played “organized” hockey,  us neighborhood kids sure had a good time.

But we didn’t play hockey in June.


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Sounds Like. . .

It’s getting close to the end of the school year and I suppose this would be an easy  mistake to make. I mean, it’s only one letter, right?


Thanks to Elissa for sending this.

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Martha Goes To The Beach

Martha goes to the beach for the first time.

Martha is taking in  Edisto Beach, SC  for a few days with Alicia Visotski, Kelliann Visotski, Megan Visotski and some friends.

I may be a little  opinionated, but I think she is very photogenic. A rescue, Martha is approximately four months old, 25 lbs. and a ball of wound-up energy with four legs. I have learned that she photographs much better than darker dogs, like our Black Labs. Speaking of which, the four labs are enjoying the peace and quiet around the house. Martha is not nearly as fond of napping as the older dogs are.

Taking it all in and realizing how cool it is to be a puppy.

Since everyone loves a puppy picture, here is one, along with a very short video of her learning a skill we will need to un-teach her next week.

Dogs are allowed on the beach, as long as they are on a leash. I am told she does not like the water yet, but that may just take a little time.

Thanks to Megan Visotski for the photo.




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