Take Me For A Fool

A week or two ago, my buddy Kurt Harden, host of CulturalOffering mentioned that he had secured tickets to see the Alan Parson’s Project in September as they tour through Newark, Ohio  . . . a little known musical mecca.

That reminded me of a APP song we used to listen to in college. One that was used to test our stereo’s and how good our speakers were.

Then today, while doing some cleaning in the library, I came accross this cartoon and decided that this was to be tonight’s post.

I'm not sure where this came from, so I am nt able to give appropriate credit.

I’m not sure where this came from, so I am nt able to give appropriate credit.


Here is a live version of the song that tests the bass reproduction of your sound system.  You need to feel it, not just hear it.


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Results of Self Promotion Saturday 

A Simple Village Undertaker:

This was a nice surprise. Thank you!

Originally posted on Her et al.:

Here is where I highlight those who chose to participate in Self Promotion Saturday!

1-A Simple, Village Undertaker-Was the only blogger to respond to self promotion Saturday! So hop on over to his page and check out his work!

Since he was the only promoter this week, I’m also going to promote his daughters cause. This young lady will be traveling to India in December on a medical mission and is in need of donations. Please consider making a donation or at the very least, promoting her cause on your blog.

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Sort Of Like An Anagram, But Different

First, on the recomendation of fellow blogger Danny  at Dream Big Dream Often, I am changing a setting so that (hopefully)  my readers will see a short introduction to the post and will then have to click on a link to see the entire page.

This change will accomplish two things.

First, it will give you a much better “picture” of the page, laid out as I  created it, as opposed to seeing  it as an e-mail with unpredictable  formatting.

Second, it will give me a much better understanding  of who is actually reading the blog and what they are reading.

Jelly & dad last week.  I forgot why we took this

Jelly & dad last week. I forgot why we took this

My first post in this format  comes courtesy of Daughter #2, aka Elissa, aka “Jelly”.  When she was in  grade school, she started using a descriptive phrase to explain some things. “It is just like XXX, but different”.

I still use it all the time.

She sent this to me yesterday.

Read it and follow the directions.

It is simple and extraordinary.

You get to chose on which version you like best.


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I Hurtle

A Simple Village Undertaker:

This is a great reminder for all of us “middle agers”, especially those of us whose parents are still around. I also have some older friends who just want to be home, but are getting to the point it is dangerous. To say it “sucks” can almost be considered an understatement. Thank you for putting this out so clearly. It reminds me of a saying I often use, “Life is short, dead is for a very long time. Enjoy life.”

Originally posted on The Chatter Blog:

I had a conversation with a man today.  He was talking to me about his grandma and the doctor telling him she needs to go in to a nursing home.  Though the grandson understands it and knows it to be true he said something that I cannot shake from my thoughts.

He said:  “she worked all of her life and did everything she was supposed to do and now all she wants to do is go home and be left alone.  And she can’t.”

I’ve heard this in different variations over the years.   And to quote him he emotionally acknowledged on her behalf  that  “this sucks”.   Fully understanding this terminology – I agreed.

Because it struck me today, that this  could be any of us.

Today as this man spoke I had visions of his grandma working, as I worked today, and will work tomorrow, and will work gladly for…

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I’m A Daddy, It’s What I Do

This evening, the house is a bit  quieter as daughter #3  is safely back at Auburn University for her junior year and mom is back home from helping.

Elissa is coming out of her cave and moving back home.

Elissa is coming out of her cave and moving back home.

Don’t feel bad for me though because daughter #2 (Elissa, aka “Jelly”) is moving back home next month and #1 (Kelliann) is still here, but almost ready to leave the nest.

It’s all good and likely to get better.  That’s what it’s like being me.




Daughter #3 (Megan)  is studying to be a Physician’s Assistant, (PA).  A self-described library rat and nerd, (she was also voted prom queen her senior year in HS) she had some extra time this summer and took a physics class at our local, Tech College and earned an “A”. Her goal  is to get accepted into the MUSC, Charleston, SC  PA program when she applies in a year from now.

If any readers know anyone in MUSC Admissions,  positive recomendations/introductions are always welcome.

thAlso, as part of getting some experience with patients and helping those less fortunate and in need,  she will be heading over to India  during semester break this December under the auspices of the Foundation  For International  Medical Relief Of Children.  (My wife just came to the realization  that Megan won’t be home for Christmas this year.  Oops.)

Below is the page Megan  set up today to share the story, create awareness and to help  raise donations to  offset the expense of going on the trip.  If you are inclined to occasionally donate to individuals  that do good works for those in need, please consider doing so here,  Megan Visotski   Any donation, no matter how small will be a help . . . and it is tax deductible.

Ok, I’m done promoting my daughter.

Forgive me if I have offended.  I’m her daddy and I’m just doing  my job.

No one had make-up on and they didn't want their picture taken…but who is the boss around here?  Daddy is.  (wanna buy a bridge?)   April 2014

No one had make-up on and they didn’t want their picture taken…but who is the boss around here? Daddy is. (wanna buy a bridge?) April 2014

Have a great weekend, y’all.

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Meet n Greet and Reblogging

Originally posted on Dream Big, Dream Often:

Don’t miss out on the Meet n Greet which will continue through Sunday!  Also, do me a favor and reblog the post.  If you don’t IMG_7051the MnG will die!  And I don’t want you to have that on your soul.

Also, leave links here to be reblogged!



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They Had One Thing In Common. . .

. . . is the  first half of a slightly provocative phrase from a fairly  popular song.

By today’s standards,  it  would be considered a nursery rhyme, but it was 1976. Lyrical standards and being in high school were a little different than  today.

Speaking of different, how about Joe and Billy knocking this one out?

Life in The Fast Lane

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