This I Believe


“I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade.

 Then try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka.

 th-2And have a party”. . . Ron White.

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Taking Inventory

My cup runneth over this weekend:

Megan, Barry Cook, Elissa

Megan, Barry Cook, Elissa

Megan is mending nicely from her surgery on Thursday.

Elissa passed her entrance exam for graduate school

Kelliann passed her final exams from nursing school in Atlanta.

Our family had some good friends visit,  join us for a cook-out  and share a little “bald man wisdom”.

Music was played,  stories were told and laughter filled our home.

My wife and I received some additional good news that will be shared when the time is right.

It ended with a chocolate malt on Sunday night.

Barry, Ray, Jim Hedges

Barry, me, Jim Hedges. I could write a few stories about these two, great guys.  Someday, I will. 


Taking inventory of my weekend, my life.

I’m a lucky guy.


Jim's "new "car. . . a 1955 DeSoto.

Jim’s “new “car. . . a 1955 DeSoto. The neighbors were slowing down to take a look as they drove by.





Barry bought his new, Les Paul with him and we played a little as Megan looked on.

Barry bought his new, Les Paul with him and we swapped guitars and played a little as Megan and Snickers looked on.  

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An Appropriate Coincidence

This is my 3,000th post since starting the blog in February of 2010.

More often than not, it has not been about my life as an undertaker, but it has been about my life and a look out my window.

It is fitting that this post be relavent to both. th

As I read this morning’s news, I saw that Alan Young died at the age of 96 yesterday.   His obituary is here.

I acknowledge his contributions to television and mourn the loss of those simpler times, when you could talk to a horse instead of talking to Siri.

Oh, to be able to go back there for just one day. . .

Thank you, Wilbur.

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From The Pens of 5th Graders

This is one of those posts that is best  read by using the link to the blog page.

Our youngest daughter had some scheduled surgery yesterday involving her sinues and adjacent bony structures.  I would show a picture, but it would look like a mummy and when she felt better, she’d kick my butt for posting it, remember, she was the prom queen.

Just picture what someone  would look like if they were hit in the face with a baseball bat.

Yea, that good. Image 3

Her older sister Elissa,  teaches 5th grade and her class spent some free time yesterday making  get-well cards for Megan.

Here are some of the sentiments, reminding me of Art Linkletter’s, Kids Say The Darndest Things. 

Please forgive the punctuation.

“I don’t mean to be nosey, but,  roses are rosey, noses are nosey, I hope you get well, and that your nose won’t hurt and your sinuses won’t feel like they are dead, so you won’t have to take yucky medicine.”

Roses are pinkish-red; Sinuses are sinus colored. What rhymes with sinus colored?  Oh well, get well soon.

What is the nose’s favorite dance?    The boogey.  I hope you feel better.

Hope your nasal surgery goes well.  Hope your nostrils aren’t clogged anymore.

I know you’re in a lot of pain; your nose is driving you insane.  But try to have some joy today, for soon your troubles will go away.

Everyone nose you are having sinus surgery and hopes you’ll feel better soon.

I hope your sinus surgery doesn’t minus your ability to have fun.


I heard the Hallmark people are sending a recruiter out next week.

We spent some time after dinner tonight reading the cards.  It was about 30 hours post-surgery and Megan was just starting to feel human (relative term after almost six hours  of someone chipping away at the inside of your head)  and realized it hurt a lot to laugh.  That’s a start.


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Jeffy Will Learn

It may work with dad, but I wouldn’t suggest Jeffy using that on  his Image 2eventual  wife as it tends to have the opposite effect of what was intended.

“What about the week before”?

Uh. . . ?


I‘ve been a Family Circus fan since I’ve been a baby, literally. Bill started the cartoon four days before I was born in 1960.

All credit is give to Bill & jeff Keane for these wonderful cartoons.  


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Two, Slightly Connected Thoughts.

H W Beecher doing his G K Chesterton impersonation

H W Beecher doing his G K Chesterton impersonation

“There are more quarrels smothered by just shutting your mouth, and holding it shut, than by all the wisdom in the world”.  Henry Ward Beecher


Have there been times in your life when you had to “bite your tongue” so hard and often, that it would bleed and  you looked like Gene Simmons?

Yea, me too.     It seems that the “high road” is often blood-splattered.   

Gene Simmons, looking like, well, Gene Simmons.

Gene Simmons, looking like, well, Gene Simmons.


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Change Of Venue

Kurt makes the request, Bring back the study.

I’m fortunate to have a study/library.  The room is the reason I wanted to get this home fourteen years ago. Fortunately for me, there were enough things my wife liked about the house for us to buy it.  (I know my place and it is  not in-charge)

The problem is that  I’m usually  at work and can’t enjoy it, not to mention that the “fire season”  is only about eight weeks long  in our part of South Carolina. The good news is that firewood pile doesn’t have to be replenished all that often.

I could live in this room.

I could live in this room.


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