Thank you to our daughter Elissa (aka Jelly) for sending me this.

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And if you need a good dog picture, here is the late, great “Chip” on December 7, 2002, hangin’ off the back of our Suburban. We remember the date as it was the day we moved in our current home, he was working on adjusting to the new place.

Chip, hangin off the back of my Suburban, December 7, 2002.  He died the following Spring.

Chip, hangin off the back of my Suburban, December 7, 2002. He died the following Spring.

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Back Home

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”

Attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt 


We skirted around a few thunderstorms heading into and out of Atlanta  this afternoon as we made our way back to Aiken via Delta Airlines.  On our descent into Bush Field (AGS) we broke the clouds  just as we were passing over the Augusta National Golf Course.  It’s not a great shot, but it shows part of the course and some of the new construction that has resumed after the tournament.

That is Interstate 20 in the upper right hand corner over the winglet and  Washington Rd  fronts the course, intersecting with the Interstate just out of the picture.

IMG_1501 (2)


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(High Altitude, Superficial Thoughts)

Thank’s Delta,  for the canvas to spill a thought.

Back to my  routine (and much warmer temperatures) tonight.

High Altitude, Superficial Thoughts.

High Altitude, Superficial Thoughts.

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North By North West

Tomorrow, my honey and I are flying  out of town to visit a college friend of mine  (and his sweetie) who have invited us for a long weekend.  It’s been almost forever since we have done anything like this and it should be fun.  No kids, no dogs, no work, no responsibilities for approximately 72 hours.  What a treat!

I was looking for a song to tie to this and when I did a search, I found the Twelve Best Travel Songs of All Time  Of course, leaving on a Jet Plane is on the list, but I refuse to go there.   The #11 song is by  a band from Orangeburg, SC called  I Nine (eye-nine).  I think it was back around 2004 that our middle daughter Elissa, her friend Katie and I  saw them open for Train at the Township Auditorium in Columbia, SC.  The female singer, Carmen Keigans had a remarkable stage presence. Unfortunately, they have since dis-banded.

Alicia and I are not going anyplace exotic like Amsterdam, we are not planning on scoring a gram, just going to relax and have a good time with old friends for a few days.   We may however, run in to a few  Native American Indians, but not of the Navajo Tribe.  It’s the same in any language, Oh. Yea.

See y’all Monday.   Cheers.





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I Approve This Message

The lesson continues indoors, thanks to David Kanigan.

Live & Learn

If you are having trouble viewing the youtube video, try this link: CBS Sunday Morning: Approval Junkies Always Looking for Validation

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Switch Gears

The other day, I wrote about taking some quiet time with Snickers,  MBFF.

As we sat on out front porch, I listened to the  birds.

They sounded happy.

Why hadn’t I noticed them before?  img_2746

It caused me to recall that it has also been some time  since I heard the call of the three, different owls we have in the neighborhood. One’s call is so deep, I imagine him to be six foot tall, hiding in the woods, waiting to prey on some unsuspecting passerby.

My mind drifts to during the last several weeks, I have been called to care for more young people than what is “normal.”

I have heard it  stated that “young” is defined as someone ten years older than you.  I’ll buy  that.

th-1Working with children, the age of our daughters,  I have had to assist them with planning and figuring out how to pay  for the funeral of a parent.  Unfotunately, many of these relationship were tragic, previously shattered and I am again  reminded that there is only one family name “The Waltons.” Regardless of the staus of the relationship, death has a way of sneaking up on you and the more death certificates I  sign for individuals younger than me,  the more I remember that. . .  and pondor it.   Comming attractions?

Maggie, the matriarch of our pack, doing her part this afternoon. Photo by E. Visotski.

Maggie, the matriarch of our pack,  “Come big or don’t come at all”

Switch gears, change the thought.    On my way to the porch with a tennis ball and a glass of scotch.  “C’mom guys, who wants to go outside?”

Sixteen  legs scamper towards the front door in eager anticipation and I’m on my way to class,   learning a lesson I should have mastered thirty years ago.

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Prepping For Monday

For those of us that work weekends, Monday is just another day.  th-1

For those of you that enjoy the weekends and disdain Mondays, here is a suggestion for tomorrow:

“Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties”. . . Helen Keller  

(I think she had a good grasp of the term “difficulty”, eh?)


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