Just When You Think You Heard It All. . .

Below is the segment from last night’s Tucker Carlson Show where the idea of  whether breastfeeding is natural was debated.


Apparently,  someone on Tucker’s staff has a sense of humor.

A quick Google search (very quick) indicates baby formula was invented in 1867.

How did civilization survive if breastfeeding wasn’t natural, or an effective means of infant nourishment?

As the father of three, grown daughters,  I spent lots of “breast milk in a bottle time” with each of them.

To say breastfeeding gives dads a chance to play golf (my words) while mom has to stay at home and nurse, and thus “is not fair” is as ridiculous as it gets. . .  but that is where we are.

Your thoughts?

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Friday Afternoon Driving Music

Definitely a song for a Friday afternoon.

From the “Rats To Riches” Album.

This illustrates the lighter side of what Rolling Stone Magazine (back when it was worth more than the paper it’s printed on) called the “World’s Most Famous Unknown Band,” The Good Rats.



The Lyrics:

Okay Hey, this is Ricky the Face, that’s right
Hey, we got the number one big tune from that big hot group
The Good Rats

Ooh, when i kissed her
I had to call my old lady
Hey, mother this is your sweet baby
Won’t be home tonite

And when I touched her
I had to call my employer
Hey boss don’t mean to destroy ya
Won’t be in for awhile
(I just found me a lady)

Ooh I just found me a lady
Ooh sweet lady

When it was over
I had to call up my doctor
Hey doc I think I’m in shock sir
get on over here

I just found me a lady
Ooh sweet lady

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A Cucumber?

IMG_0932“The Human body is 80% water, so we are basically just a cucumber with anxiety.”. . .   David Wolfe.

Who’d a thought?

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Failing The Test

MichaelPic2From his vantage point in sunny Phoenix, Michael Wade hits this dead center.

The KKK Test.

Ask Ann Coulter.  She will agree.

Michael Wade is another blog you may want to add to your daily reading list.

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images.jpeg“Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer, but wish we didn’t.”   Erica Jong


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The Pessimist & The Optimist

I spied this cartoon over at Ann’s blog last week.

A day without reading Ann’s blog is like . . .  well, night.


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Stop Saying This Happened For A Reason

Screen-Shot-2017-04-27-at-12.01.58-AM-300x238.pngRe-blogged from Blogging Molly,  published by O’Connor Mortuary in California. This a very good overview of a question many of us  ask on almost a daily basis.

Stop saying, “This happened for a reason.” A De-bunking of Christian Narratives on Death.

Thanks, Molly.

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