Image 1“The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what you want most for what you want now.”


Zig Ziglar


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Tonight is an evening of choices.

History will likely be made with the biggest televison audience in the history of mankind.  While I have been a political junkie for the last thirty years or so,  tonight will be more like the car wreck you see on the side of the road and  choose to slow down to look at.

I will choose to watch the debate, but nothing will change my mind about how my vote will be cast.  I have intentionally, and with unusual,  self-control, not gotten involved in the social media battles that flourish these days.  There are lots of folks who I really like and enjoy being around, but politically, we are polar opposites.  I respect their sincerity, even though they are sincerely wrong. 414ae6ht7pl-_sx329_bo1204203200_

While watching the debate, I will probably choose to take a few  breaks and continue to read the memoirs of a friend  who spent seventeen months in prison.   I’ve had the transcript Prison Ragout for close to  a year now and just started reading it earlier this week.  It is a good example of “Do not let this happen to you.”  It is also a look into the very soul of a man who did let it happen to him. I feel a little regret as “Pops”  gave me the transcript for free and until today, I didn’t realize it was published and on the market. I plan to make that right with him.

So, while watching the debate,  I will take breaks, reading about life in prision. An interesting juxtaposition, don’t you think?

I will also ponder a third  possibility that our daughter Elissa presented us with this morning.

Monty, I think I’ll  take door number three.



    A pond won’t hurt either

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Martin And A Martin


Many years ago, I first heard To Cry You A Song, from the Benefit Album and was hooked as a Jethro Tull Fan.  Giving credit where credit is due, it was my cousin, Karen who played the song for me.   Isn’t it strange how you remember some things?  She was (and still is) much cooler than me.

Over forty-five years later, the song is still a favorite of mine.

Martin Lancelot Barre is a skilled guitarist with so many incredible tones. History will recognize him as one of the best ever.

This video is of Martin’s current band “covering” To Cry You A Song.”  Dan Crisp is the vocalist and is also playing a Martin Guitar.  I’m not sure why, but it just seems strange to me and can’t recall seeing a Martin during a “rock show.”  Barre’s PRS seems a little more at home with the song. Dan does do a commendable job however,  of channeling Ian in the performance.

As Kurt would say, “Volume Up”

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A Chance Meeting

The Past and  Present walked into a bar together and unexpectedly saw the future accross the room.    th

It got a little tense.


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A Polish Proverb

I like it and it has multiple applications.


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Go Tech!

We would love to be there, but Alicia and I  will be watching the Georgia Tech vs. Clemson football game tonight on ESPN.

Megan and Niko Anderson, her man.

Megan and Niko Anderson, her man.

Sorry  to all our Clemson fan friends, but we are cheering for Georgia Tech and we hope to see #57 get some snaps at center this evening.


Note:  If the truth be told, we aren’t sorry at all, because everyone  knows that USC Gamecocks are South Carolina’s Football team. Go Cocks!  



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Note To Self

“Things you say in a matter of seconds are never forgotten in a lifetime.”

By Rev. Ike Reighard, from today’s insight.

How I’ve started my day since May 13th.  Thanks to Dick P. for telling me about this book.   Image 1

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