Who Am I?

Who is this actor?

What movie is it and what year was it released?

I never would have guessed the correct answer, but I’m not a big movie guy.




The first person to get all three answers correct, will receive a copy of Andra Watkins book,  “Not Without My Father”, courtesy of me.

I’ll even pay shipping.

Who is smarter than the undertaker?

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Usually, I’ll Take Mine Black…

… but some days, this would be more appropriate.



I already know the readers who  will comment on this and I’m waiting.


Thanks to Carla

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Ah, finally something about funeral service. This is supposed to be a blog about funeral service, right?

I saw this article today.  Jeff and I are casually acquainted and it wasn’t too long ago that we had a discussion along the lines of this article.

Can anyone say “paradigm shift”?   I can picture some of my colleagues* squirming and cursing at their computer monitor as they digest his article.

I love the line, “Value is defined by the person making the purchase, not the person selling”.

Luckily,  I “got it” several years ago.  tfc-truth-hell-1

I also now know that next time I see him, I need to bring cigars,  (which is not a problem).


* I always use the term “colleague” as opposed to “competitor” when referring to other FD’s in my market.  It drives them crazy. Bless their hearts.

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Nice Try, Scooter

Here is an “oldie, but goodie”.

Thanks to Pat Guanciale for the reminder.



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We Need Both

“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings”


-C. Archie Danielson

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I’ve seen it before and I’ll see it again

A couple just hanging on

Even though the words are no longer gentle

And the caresses no longer sincere


But the memories of what once was beautiful

And the fear of uncertainty of loneliness

Make them cling to each other 

Long after goodbye would be appropriate


from Footprints in the Mind, by Javan (1979)

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Cheese & Pictures

The other evening, I came accross some “Truffle Infused Cheese”  and could not resist the temptation to purchase it..

I was first introduced to Truffles while visiting the most beautiful place I have ever been… Orvieto, Italy.  I was the chairman of the Aiken Downtown Development Association at the time and we have a “sister city” relationship with Orvieto.  A group of us went over for two weeks to learn about their way of life.

If you ever get the opportunity to travel that way, call Bill Steiner to help set up the trip.

The first bite  of the cheese took me back tweleve years to that visit.  Here are two of my favorite pictures from that visit.

Everywhere one looked, there was a surprise.


Our streets should be so pretty, clean and safe.

Our streets should be so pretty, clean and safe.

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