Online Dating . . .

. . .  it’s not just for humans.


Thanks, Carla.

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A former pastor and priest-friend of mine, in his reirement  would occasionaly send out group e-mail messages with the subject “Varia-The News of The Day.”  It was an interesting way to keep up with him until his sudden death in 2003.

I realized this morning that the list of people who are reading this blog is growing, albeit slowly, with new readers daily.

First, to all those who see the blog, whether it be by e-mail, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler or RSS feed, Thank You. I appreciate you taking the time to visit and comment.

I started the blog in February of 2010 as a way of amusing myself. Today, almost 3,700 posts later, it’s more about the interaction with people around the world.  At a time when I live a quiet, somewhat isolated existence, I look forward to hearing from “my friends”  each day.


Yesterday’s stats. A typical day.

It is difficult to gauge how many people actually read the blog as the analytics conflict with each other.  For example, I’ll get a note each day from LinkedIn, congratulating me for 50 views for the current post, however the WP stats page might show only 2 views  via LinkedIn.   The WP stats tell me that between 150-200 people view the blog each day.   My guess would be it’s about double that, because many posts can be read without actually “clicking” on a link, thus registering as a view,  but it’s not about the numbers.

The blog is a combination of short stories, quotes, re-blogs of interest, cartoons, social/political observations, photos of our four 5 dogs and a good bit of music.

Regarding music, writing this post brought to mind one of John Denver’s early songs, published in 1973, that pretty well sums up my mood this mornng.  Denver was a great songwriter, and his early music, (before he was co-opted by the record company to write top 40 hits to drive sales) was simply brilliant.

Again, thanks for showing up each day.

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On Marriage

“An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have. The older she gets, the more interested he is in her.” -Agatha Christie

image58Many more can be found at Funny Marriage Quotes.

I could not pass by the opportunity to share these thoughts on the great institution of marriage.   How many apply to you?

Thanks to Ibeth over at Nutsrok blog.

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Out Of Order

This Morning’s Message:


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A Worthy Referral

Earlier today, I posted a cute, puppy cartoon under the title of “Confused.”

Fellow blogger, C. J. Hartwell of Feeding on Folly  commented and mentioned a YouTube video entitled “The Sad Dog Diary”.  Being a curious guy, I looked it up and noticed that over 16 million people had viewed it. Rightfully so.

A little raw, but very funny.

“Perhaps they don’t chase the ball and bring it back because they enjoy it, but maybe they bring them back because they think WE enjoy throwing them…”

We expand our horizons one blog at a time. Thanks, C.J.

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Someday, he will understand…Life isn’t always fair.


Thanks, Carla

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Opening Paragraphs

Opening Paragraphs.

On-the-EdgeJACKET-308x480In The Beginning.  I retrieved my luggage from the carousel and rolled the bag with its small squeaking plastic wheels into the arrivals hall of Ottawa International Airport. Jetlagged, but relieved to have passed immigration, I saw my host, the artist and novelist Michael O’Brien – a rather tall, lean man in his sixties with silvery curling hair—standing at the exit. In his right hand, he held a little red wooden horse from Dalarna, Sweeden; it was a tribute to my home country, but also the agreed sign of recognition. After introduction and greetings, he smilingly beckoned me with a deep voice to follow him to his car, or not quite his car, but a vehicle belonging to one of his children.

From On the Edge of Infinity, A Biography of Michael D. O’Brien, by Clemens Cavallin. This was a Father’s Day gift to me from our oldest daughter, Kelliann. (I may have mentioned that this book would make a great gift for her dad).

O’Brien has been my favorite novelist (male) for over twenty years and his works have always held a prominent place on my bookshelves.  I plan on making short order of this long, awaited biography and learning more about this humble giant in the world of Christian culture. I have also come to realize that there are a few titles I am mssing, so an order is forthcoming.

Any other O’Brien fans out there?

Image 26

This is an old photo and a few titles have been added since.


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