Heading West

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West-Southwest, actually.

Tomorrow, I will drive (according to Mapquest) 963 miles to Houston Texas, taking Martha to her Mama, Megan. That will be a single day record for me. . . I’ve done 600 in a day many times, so this is reach for a PR (personal record).

The things a daddy will do for his daughters.

Megan and her roommates “Fostered” Martha after her mother was killed by a car when she was only 3-4 weeks old. Megan quickly noticed Martha was a special and the rest is, as they say. . . history.

We have “dog-sat” her here in SC for a few months while Megan got settled at medical school and now it is time for them to be reunited. My hope is that Megan is as happy to see me as she is Martha.

I will tell you that there will be lots of sad faces in Aiken  tomorrow. I know that everyone thinks their dog is special and the best dog in the world and I get that. Martha however,  is the sweetest dog I have ever been around  (and I’ve always been around dogs) and I’m going to miss her more than I care to acknowledge.   My guess is that our four, black labs will miss her exuberance also, well, maybe.

Tonight, they are having “girls night” here…pizza, movies  and a slumber party in a big girl’s bed as her crate is already packed.

Here is Martha’s life in a few pictures and I’ll be back on Friday.

Thanks for endulging me.


First Photo I have


Image 18.jpg

An early trip to the vet


Graduating from Auburn with Megan.  War Eagle!


First trip to the beach, Edisto Beach, SC to be exact.


Looking out her window



We have learned not to leave socks around



Elissa with Martha on the river


My  guide on the Savannah River in Augusta, GA



Snickers, (L)  showing Martha how not to behave during dinner. Begging is not part of the routine here, but rules are made to be broken.


Girl’s night tonight!!.  Kelliann, Alicia, Martha and Big Red, getting his head in the photo. (That’s Mackenzie behind Kelliann)

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In From The Wilderness

In From The Wilderness

Lying there in low spirits, he also felt afraid of God, because during prayer he had fallen into helpless crying, accusing God of being a failure as a father, “You weren’t there! You are not there when we need you! You are not a Father!”


Michael D. O’Brien

Michael enetered into utter emptiness and struggled to stay afloat mentally, but eventually came to a condition of stillness, and a quiet acceptance of his inability to make a success of his art and to be a good father.

At this depth of discouragement, he crawled out of bed with pain and effort and knelt to pray. And then he felt the gentle touch of God’s kindness:

It comes to me that my wounds concerning the the poor fatherhood I received as a child have been transferred to God. I misread existence in the light of my wounds and the result is fear. A deep and beautiful stillness as I kneel before the Shrine of The Sacred Heart in our living room. I sit by the chair and imagine God as Father sitting on it, waiting, always waiting for me. I rest my head on the chair seat, on his invisible knees. There are no words, no thoughts, no emotions, just a profound stillness and peace. It heals me. Come, the presence says, come every day and rest by me, in me. And I will set you free. *


From On the Edge of Infinity A Biography of Michael D. O’brien, by Clemens Cavallin.

*taken from O’Brien’s personal journal, 1982.

I supose we all have  struggles that we deal with at different stages of our lives.  As I slowly read this book, I am reminded that events that we believe to be insurmountable, are but ant hills in the lives of others. I only wish I could find and harness the faith that Mchael found.


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What Changed?

Back when I was a child, it was a common safety rule (and one strictly enforced) that we would never be allowed to go “swimming” for at least an hour after eating a meal.

That included  being at the beach and not even being able to wade in water up to your knees.   images

The rationale was that you could get stomach cramps, double over and drown.

Somewhere along the way, that rule fell by the wayside, yet I do not recall reading anywhere that kids have drowned from “stomach cramps.”

Does anyone else remember this rule or when it was done away with?

Do tell.

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Thoughts On Cancer

I know there are many readers who have dealt with cancer in one way or another and I solicit your opinion on the following, short article:

Thoughts on John McCain’s Cancer Diagnosis and Why Death Positivity Needs To Reframe Cancer Talk.

This article is written by Caleb Wilde who writes “Confessions of a Funeral Director” Blog and soon to be published book.


Caleb Wilde

I am curious as to  your thoughts about this article, please?

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Memory Lane

IMG_1884Saturday, and I’m home alone (aside from 5 dogs) for lunch, so I make a sandwich and get the remote and see what might be on TV on a Saturday afternoon.  I was surprised to see that one of my favorite, childhood TV shows was on, Davey & Goliath.

PB&J, chocolate milk and a TV show from the 1960’s. A walk down memory lane.

The Davey & Goliath program always had two, fourteen-minute epidodes in a half hour show. Long gone are the days of kids being taught positive lessons on a Saturday morning.

Here is the first half from today.  In reviewing the Wiki link, this segment, entitled “The Neighbor” was produced in 1964.

Anyone else remember this series?  What were your favorite shows as a young child?


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No, Weer All Over Sixty Now

The title is a reference to a comment on this video and a spoof on the ages of those that listened to Slade in the early 1970’simages

What a great find this evening.  I remember being in 8th grade and reading about Slade in Circus Magazine.  There was one guy in our class who was way ahead of the rest of us when it came to music, introducing me to bands such as Blue Oyster Cult, Humble Pie and Slade.

The music was loud, the outfits were outrageously glam (I had a pair of plaid slacks just like that and about the same length after one of my growth spurts, but they weren’t cool).

I suppose Quiet Riot has paid a fairly large royalty to Slade over the years. At least they should have.


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Time For A Workout

It’s Friday afternoon and time for a workout.

The fact that these two, panels may appear to some as being related, it is purely a coincidence.



FullSizeRender 2.jpg




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