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I came accross this photo the other day and guess it would be from the Summer of 1991 with Elissa (now 26) and Kelliann, (now 29). Megan was still almost four years out. Nothing like being the daddy to girls.

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Heading West

(For all the FB folks, you need to click on the link to the blog page to really appreciate this) West-Southwest, actually. Tomorrow, I will drive (according to Mapquest) 963 miles to Houston Texas, taking Martha to her Mama, Megan. … Continue reading

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Home Alone

Well, not really. While my wife and daughters spend a week in London, I’m home with our four Labs and Megan’s puppy, Martha. Going to England has been a   long-time dream for my wife and from what I hear, … Continue reading

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18 + 1= Fun Day

The first photo was taken approximately eighteen years ago when we lived in Columbia, SC.         (Go Cocks!)   The second photo with their mother added (+1)  was taken yesterday at the Aiken (SC)  Steeplechase. The girls … Continue reading

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Pure & Simple

I think God gave us  dogs to teach us how to love and be simple. Below are two videos, each 20 seconds of Megan’s puppy, “Martha” on her first visit to Aiken today. In one, she discovers a pine cone … Continue reading

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Earlier, our youngest daughter posted a photo of her and Barry Cook that was taken during a visit today.  Who is Barry Cook, you ask? This story began 15 years ago: It was August of 2002 and our oldest daughter, … Continue reading

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Not To Be Left Out

As I was finalizing my posts this morning, I realized again that there were no pictures of our first daughter (and the one who is most like me), Kelliann. Without any prompting from me, she sent this photo under the … Continue reading

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Still Beating The Odds

When we moved to Michigan in July,  three of our four Black Labs moved with us and  one stayed back in Aiken with our daughter, Kelliann.  Maggie, aged 13, stayed behind as Snickers, Big Red and Mackenzie made the move … Continue reading

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A Dog’s Life

Maggie will be fourteen years old in a few months and today was her first trip to the beach,  thanks to our daughter Kelliann. Not a bad life as she is spoiled rotten, spending a few days in Charleston, SC. … Continue reading

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Always Remember

I do not like “Never Forget”. . . it uses two negative words.  I prefer  “Always Remember.” So, Always Remember and appreciate those that love you; whether they have four legs or two. Thanks to our daughter,  Jelly and Miss … Continue reading

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A Girl And Her Dog

This was sent back from South Carolina this evening. Our daughter Elissa and Maggie going for a walk as the sun sets. Maggie, now thirteen and a half years old,  didn’t make the move with us and the other three … Continue reading

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Taking Inventory

My cup runneth over this weekend: Megan is mending nicely from her surgery on Thursday. Elissa passed her entrance exam for graduate school Kelliann passed her final exams from nursing school in Atlanta. Our family had some good friends visit, … Continue reading

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Different Methods, Similar Outcomes

I am a dad with three daughters. There are rules for dating our daughters.  Some of you may have seen these and I know that some of you actually have copies of these on your refigerators. The Rules My buddy … Continue reading

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Tossing One Back

In honor of Throwback Thursday…..

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Looking Back

In keeping with the “Throw-back” Thursdays theme… Halloween, 1991 at the first house we ever owned, 6 Center Place in Middlesex, NJ. That was a great little house in a wonderful neighborhood. Elissa, just over a year old with her … Continue reading

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