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Sounds Like. . .

It’s getting close to the end of the school year and I suppose this would be an easy  mistake to make. I mean, it’s only one letter, right? Thanks to Elissa for sending this.

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Minor Distractions, Pt. II

Yesterday, I wrote Minor Distractions.   Not labled “Part I” as I didn’t anticipate a  “Part II.” Sometimes,  reality  is stranger than fiction.  Consider this,  . . . Today was the day I was leaving the beach to head home … Continue reading

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One Down, Two To Go

One of my goals for this week was to finnish three books, totaling just over 1,200 pages. This morning, I completed Paul Stanley’s autobiography. Using the page count, I am 1/3 there. Next, the short book…115 pages. That should be … Continue reading

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Blogging Takes A Back Seat

Between resting, reading and humoring this group…not much time/desire to blog while here in the Lowcountry. Don’t worry, I’ll get back in the mood sooner or later. The loving and charming Mrs. V. will be catching up with us later … Continue reading

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Even though he is on Summer vacation, Rob teaches us a Monday morning lesson here. I think I may have tried something like that once. (see picture in link)

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