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No Point Running. . .

. . .  ‘cuz it’s coming your way” I’m keeping in tune with today’s  “storm” theme. From 1974.  I remember talking my parents into buying this album as a Christmas present and I listened to it again and again and … Continue reading

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Bouncing Around

Every once in a while, a song gets in my head, bounces around and can’t get out. Today’s entry is Deep Purple’s “Lazy”   Ian’s introduction states that the iconic Machine Head Album, (with Smoke On The Water) was still a … Continue reading

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Some day, when I have more time, I will need to look to see if there is any research to support why on some mornings, I wake up with a song on my mind and then “dwell” on it all … Continue reading

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Funky Claude, RIP

Many of you will remember the song, Smoke On The Water, the 1972 hit by Deep Purple. In the second verse, there is a mention of “Funky Claude”, “who was running in and out…” After reading the tribute by Ian … Continue reading

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Ding Dong Merrily On Home

From the album, “Winter Carols” by Blackmores Night The harmonies are exquisite…and Ritchie picks this one out nicely.

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Shadows of Your Past

I was driving yesterday afternoon and heard that Deep Purple founding member and keyboard player, Jon Lord had died at the age of 71. 71?…that can’t be correct, no way was he that old, was my immediate thought. Rumor confirmed … Continue reading

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Midsummers Daydream

Three for the price of one. Not recommended for anyone over the age of 55 or below the age of 45…you probably will not appreciate this One of the big, stadium acts of the 1980’s was the band Triumph. A … Continue reading

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Shadow of The Moon

Known more for songs like Smoke on The Water and Woman from Tokyo,during his years with Deep Purple, Ritchie Blackmore has spent the last few decades playing something known as “Rock & Ren” as in renaissance. Along with his wife … Continue reading

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