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Something’s On The Move

“And the weatherman says something’s on the move. . .” From the Stormwatch Album. How appropriate. I was not able to find an acceptable live performance, but here is the studio version with lyrics below. Drummers, please note the judicious … Continue reading

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Birthday Wishes

Today is the 70th birthday of Ian Scott Anderson, aka Jethro Tull  (insert sarcasm emoji here) With a great catalogue of music behind him, Ian is still out and about and he will be back playing in Bethlehem, PA this … Continue reading

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Hey, I Was There!

This may be the first professionally shot, YouTube video that I have come accross, of a concert that I was actually at.  I was with a friend I haven’t seen now in many years. Do you remember Craig & Carmella? … Continue reading

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Oblique Suggestions

I found this gem today….from 46 years ago! This is a  great example of the depth and talent of the band  Jethro Tull, especially Martin. A live recording, but superhumanly close to the studio version.   Lyrics The minstrel in … Continue reading

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Better Late Than Never

Congratulations to Lord Ian Anderson. (Eight years overdue) A “before” picture and the “after” video of the awards ceremony.          

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Wind, Snow & A Song

A front is blowing through  Southwest Michigan, where it was 70 degrees today and tomorrow’s forecast calls for a gale warning and accumulating snow. A Haiku: the spirits wind dies the weathercock is stranded blind at the crossroads From  our … Continue reading

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Stand Up

I came across this article today on musicaficionado.com and thought it interesting enough to pass on as I know there are several Tull fans that follow my blog. The Real Story Behind Jethro Tull’s “Stand Up”        

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