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Something’s On The Move

“And the weatherman says something’s on the move. . .” From the Stormwatch Album. How appropriate. I was not able to find an acceptable live performance, but here is the studio version with lyrics below. Drummers, please note the judicious … Continue reading

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Birthday Wishes

Today is the 70th birthday of Ian Scott Anderson, aka Jethro Tull  (insert sarcasm emoji here) With a great catalogue of music behind him, Ian is still out and about and he will be back playing in Bethlehem, PA this … Continue reading

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Hey, I Was There!

This may be the first professionally shot, YouTube video that I have come accross, of a concert that I was actually at.  I was with a friend I haven’t seen now in many years. Do you remember Craig & Carmella? … Continue reading

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Oblique Suggestions

I found this gem today….from 46 years ago! This is a  great example of the depth and talent of the band  Jethro Tull, especially Martin. A live recording, but superhumanly close to the studio version.   Lyrics The minstrel in … Continue reading

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Better Late Than Never

Congratulations to Lord Ian Anderson. (Eight years overdue) A “before” picture and the “after” video of the awards ceremony.          

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Wind, Snow & A Song

A front is blowing through  Southwest Michigan, where it was 70 degrees today and tomorrow’s forecast calls for a gale warning and accumulating snow. A Haiku: the spirits wind dies the weathercock is stranded blind at the crossroads From  our … Continue reading

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Stand Up

I came across this article today on musicaficionado.com and thought it interesting enough to pass on as I know there are several Tull fans that follow my blog. The Real Story Behind Jethro Tull’s “Stand Up”        

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List #2: Live Recordings

The second installment of my favorite music. “Just one man’s opinion, but a good man’s at that”.  (Any “Mounties”  remember who said that?) Tonight I was was supposed to be practicing three new songs for an event we are playing … Continue reading

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List #1: Top 20 Studio Recordings

I prepared a precurser list two years ago…My top Twenty. Then and now are pretty  consistant when you factor in the new categories and how musical tastes can develope over time.. I also didn’t realize how long it would take to … Continue reading

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A Christmas Song

Remember, “The Christmas spirit is not what you drink”  Jethro Tull’s “Christmas Song”, an adaptation of the classic Christmas carol, “Once In Royal David City”. The lyrics were originally penned in a poem written by Miss Cecil Frances Humphrey in … Continue reading

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The Young & The Old

I was showing my wife how she could use YouTube to find concerts to watch and I stumbled on this…Ian Anderson and two masters of the six strings, having at it. Martin Lancelot Barre, one of the founding members of … Continue reading

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Two Round Corners

Two examples of Round Corners. . .  Unrelated, yet very similar, at least to my eye and ear. Can you feel it? AnnMarie writes of one here:  Round Corners Ian and the boys “Think in Round Corners” here: **   … Continue reading

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Yes . . . 60,000,000+

I came accross this article today on the Twitter feed @RealRockNews. It is an interview with Ian Anderson, aka Mr. Jethro Tull. The interview address his fifty years and over sixty million records sold. I like Jethro Tull.  I have … Continue reading

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Sweet Dream, The End.

A Jethro Tull Classic…..(Kinda goes with the bats in the previous post) Interesting video from the early days of music videos   Sweet Dream By Jethro Tull You’ll hear me calling in your sweet dream, Can’t hear your daddy’s warning … Continue reading

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Lost, But Eventually Found

Back in 1986, I came accross a TV special entitled Fish ‘n Sheep & Rock n’ Roll, a documentary about Ian Anderson, founding member and front man for the band Jethro Tull. I recorded the show on a VHS tape … Continue reading

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