The Numbers Add Up

Yesterday, I went into the admin page of my blog  and and became aware that I had just  published my 3,500th post.  Wow, how time flies!

I will admit that it has been an interesting blend of quality and quantity.

Today,  post #3,502 will “dispatch” you with a tweet that should make your day better, courtesy of “Trooper Bob.”


Hopefully, I will not meet Trooper Bob today as I travel accross the state on I-20.

And, I would be remiss not to thank all of you that support and humor me with your comments.

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Poor Johnny

Wednesday afternoon…time for some blues.

Time for some Robert Cray.

Near the top of my list of bands I need to see before it’s too late.

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Still Arguing, Can’t Be About Money (?)

imagesWhile visiting the Aiken County Courthouse yesterday, I was able to spend a few minutes listening to a case regarding the late, great James Brown  (Link is very interesting).

It seems that ten and a half years after he died, they are still arguing about who he was married to/not married to and who his children are?

Can’t be about money, can it?

May he rest in peace, eventually.

From fifty years ago (in honor of Steve Layman, the king of 50 years ago)

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Closing That Door

Today, the door was closed on a chapter of my life that has now lasted almost six years.

I was a defendant in a lawsuit regarding one of my former businesses. It was a classic “He said – She Said” situation. I’ll further categorize it as “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.”

For about three hours, spread over two days, I sat and listened to people who had never met me or met me only once,  call me evil, greedy, intimidating, corrupt, desperate, rude, uncaring and someone who only cared about money, (and those were the nice things they said about me). They questioned my integrity, motives, experience and it was  very humbling  as I sat at the defendant’s table taking that in.

I cannot recall a time that I ever felt so alone and, well . . . alone.

law-311363__340.pngThe stakes were high as the plaintiff was asking for several million dollars in damages for my “negligence,” but our insurance coverage limit was one million and our attempts at mediation over time had been rebuked.

As I listened to the questions and testimony, I was almost convinced that maybe I was that person they were describing, but I’m not. It was an emotionally charged trial and I’m exhausted tonight.

When both sides rested, closing arguments were made and then the judge charged the jury and then they were sent to their deliberations.

Everyone was shocked that it  took only nine minutes for the jury to return a verdict. It took less than ten minutes  to make a decision based on a day and a half of testimony.

The verdict was in favor of the defendant.

I just sat there and pondered what happened. They threw everything they could at my character and twelve citizens figuratively threw it back.

I’m relieved that door has been closed. . . time to move on.

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Selective Concern & Outrage

I am sure some of you might not find this amusing as I do,  but sometimes the truth isn’t amusing.   This was sent to me me earlier today and while I did not fact check it, there really is no need to as the point is easy to understand.


During a recent press conference, a reporter with MSNBC hollered from the press corps, “Where is President Trump hiding his tax returns?

Press_secretary_Sean_SpicerPress Secretary, Sean Spicer, astutely responded, “We’ve found a very secure place that I’m certain won’t be discovered.”

“And just where is that?,” said the reporter, sarcastically.

Mr.  Spicer grinned sardonically and said, “They are underneath President Obama’s college records, his passport application, his immigration status as a student, his funding sources to pay for college, his college records, and his Selective Service registration.”

Thanks to Mark P.

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Snowflakes & Free Speech

Unknown.jpegNot much time this morning, so I am sharing a telling post from Ann Althouse, whose blog  gets more views in one day as I get in almost a year.

It is very brief, but very illustrative about someone who is taking themselve’s just a bit too seriously.

What “Snowflakes” Get Right About Free Speech


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  images  “You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.”… Ayn Rand

This is a great quote from Ayn, which I had managed to overlook until now.

Any other fans of Ayn out there?


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