No Point Running. . .

. . .  ‘cuz it’s coming your way”

I’m keeping in tune with today’s  “storm” theme.

From 1974.  I remember talking my parents into buying this album as a Christmas present and I listened to it again and again and again.  This is such a tight record.  Blackmore and the late, Jon Lord just have at it on this one.

The title track from Stormbringer.  (The studio version superimposed with concert footage)

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Something’s On The Move

“And the weatherman says something’s on the move. . .”

From the Stormwatch Album.

How appropriate.

I was not able to find an acceptable live performance, but here is the studio version with lyrics below.

Drummers, please note the judicious use of cowbell.

Something’s on the Move

She wore a black tiara
Rare gems upon her fingers
And she came from distant waters
Where northern lights explode

To celebrate the dawning
Of the new wastes of winter
Gathering royal momentum
On the icy road.

With chill mists swirling
Like petticoats in motion
Sighted on horizons
For ten thousand years

The lady of the ice sounds
A deathly distant rumble
To Titanic-breaking children lost
In melting crystal tears.

Capturing black pieces
In a glass-fronted museum
The white queen rolls
On the chessboard of the dawn

Squeezing through the valleys
Pausing briefly in the corries
The Ice-Mother mates
And a new age is born.

Driving all before her
Un-stoppable, un-straining
Her cold creaking mass
Follows reindeer down.

Thin spreading fingers seek
To embrace the sill-warm bundles
That huddle on the doorsteps
Of a white London Town.

Oh, sunshine take me now away from here
I’m a needle on a spiral in a groove.
And the turntable spins
As the last waltz begins

And the weather-man says
Something’s on the move.

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I Am Just A Dreamer . . .

“I am just a dreamer and you are just a dream”

As all eyes (at least in this part of the country) are on Irma, I figured this might be an appropriate distratction. Maybe the first of a few as another hurricane song just came to mind.

Current forecast, subject to change, includes winds 50-70 mph for us on Monday.

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A Lesson Learned

Don’t count the number of friends you have but the number of friends you can count on.

  This lesson has been reinforced repeatedly over the last eight months. th.jpeg

  Talk is cheap.  Hiding is even cheaper.

  Following through on a promise and sometimes doing even more,  is a blessing  that will never be forgotten.

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One Morning At The Pharmacy

Upon arriving home, a husband was met at the door by his sobbing wife. Tearfully she explained, “It’s the pharmacist. He insulted me terribly this morning on the phone. I had to call multiple times before he would even answer the phone.”

Immediately, the husband drove down town to confront the pharmacist, and demand an apology

Before he could say more than a word or two, the pharmacist told him, “Now, just a minute, listen to my side of it… This morning the alarm failed to go off, so I was late getting up. I went without breakfast and hurried out to the car, just to realize that I’d locked the house with both house and car keys inside and had to break a window to get my keys.

“Then, driving a little too fast, I got a speeding ticket. Later, when I 
was about three blocks from the store, I had a flat tire.”

“When I finally got to the store a bunch of people were waiting for me to open up. I got the store opened and started waiting on these people, all the time the darn phone was ringing.”

He continued, “Then I had to break a roll of coins against the cash 
register drawer to make change, and they spilled all over the floor. I 
had to get down on my hands and knees to pick up the coins and the phone was still ringing.

“When I came up I cracked my head on the open cash drawer, which made me stagger back against a showcase with a bunch of perfume bottles on it. Half of them hit the floor and broke.”th-1

“Meanwhile, the phone is still ringing with no let up, and when I finally got back to answer it, it was your wife wanting to know how to use a rectal thermometer.
Believe me Mister, as God is my witness, all I did was tell her.”
Thanks, Carla
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A Natural

Martha  is back in Houston after her and Megan spent a week in Chicago, post Harvey.

She is a natural comforter and I miss her being around as she is exhuberant and just knows when to climb up on your lap.

The other four dogs seem to enjoy the peace and quiet with her not around.

After the hurricane, class schedules have been altered and I hope we get to see both Megan and Martha at Christmas.


The Look. . . “Of course I want to go out”


Just a week or so ago from her throne in Houston


Four dogs, no puppy. Life is good.

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But I’m starting to believe that this is all madness and that we’re already in way over our heads

Stop the madness. Those of us with addictive personaities, take note.

Live & Learn

IMAGINE IF there were a law decreeing that every citizen had to carry a tracking device and check it five times an hour. This device was to be kept at hand at all times. The law also decreed that you needed to place this device on your bedside table at night, so that it was never more than two feet away from your body, and if you happened to wake up in the middle of the night, then you needed to check it. You had to check it during mealtimes, at sporting events, while watching television. You even needed to sneak a quick peek at it during plays and weddings and funerals. For those unwilling to check their devices at the plays, weddings, and funerals, exceptions would be made—so long as you kept your device on right up until the moment the play, wedding, or funeral was beginning and then…

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