Manic Monday

FullSizeRender.jpgNo, not the song, just my schedule for today, plus I’m having a bit of “Blogger’s Block.

But, this actually happened to me this weekend. . .

Have a great day, folks.


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Because who is perfect? (Moved.)

Yea, who is perfect? Surely not me. Thanks to DK for this reminder. It’s about what is in your heart and soul.

Live & Learn

Thank you Susan

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So, Mackenzie and Big Red were on the floor enjoying a Sunday afternoon nap and old Maggie just moseyed on over and plopped herself down on top of Mackenzie’s front legs. In all the years we have had dogs, I can’t recall ever seeing her do that.

Maggie knows that she is the queen and can pretty much do anything she wants.IMG_2074

Mackenzie surprisingly just stayed there, looked at me briefly and then just waited for Maggie to move.

She’s a sweet dog with lots of patience.

That’s Big Red’s back in the foreground.

Watching and being around dogs is more calming than a glass of wine.

Wine and dogs create a synergy of relaxation.

I’m relaxed.


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On Reverence

Another tidbit of knowledge from Fr. Thomas Moore. . .

A few of our new inquirers have asked about the practice of kissing the priest’s hand. For people outside of the Orthodox Tradition (and even for some of the Faithful), this is one of those foreign, counter-cultural and awkward practices that can be difficult to grasp. The following article may shed some light on this ancient practice.0_13a419_91658e50_XL.jpg

The real question is, “Why don’t we kiss more people’s hands?” Kissing the hand of the priest is not an exceptional thing, but rather is the remnant of what was once a perfectly normal custom: showing reverence to our elders by kissing their right hands. There are certainly many people alive today in Greece who remember that the kissing of the hand was the normal and expected way to show reverence not only to the clergy but to parents, grandparents, godparents, and others in authority over us or holding a revered position in our lives. The disappearance of this custom is part of the disintegration of traditional Christian society, which was based on hierarchy, humility, and respect. And based, of course, on love, which does not exist without respect.

When we kiss the hand of the bishop or priest, we are not showing respect to the person of the priest but to his sacred office. The priest as a man is a sinner, but the priest as priest represents Christ; he is an icon of Christ. Also, though his hand is unworthy, yet it touches the Most Holy Things – the Precious Body and Blood of the Lord. Furthermore, despite his unworthiness, in Holy Ordination he has received the Grace of God to impart spiritual gifts and blessings. Why would we deprive ourselves of the blessings of our Lord Himself, by not seeking the priest’s blessing?

So when would we ask for a blessing? We typically seek this blessing whenever we greet and bid farewell to our spiritual fathers. Also, we kiss their right hands when we receive the prayer of absolution at confession or at other prayers. We do not, however, kiss the priest’s hand when receiving Holy Communion, lest we risk an accident with the Holy Chalice.



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What If It Rains?

I am intrigued by all the excitement  regarding the upcoming, total eclipse and the resulting economic impact on the 70-mile wide path accross the County on August 21st.  Emergency officials are contingency planning for massive crowds, hotels have been sold out for months, school schedules are being modified and hotels/restuarants/golf courses, service clubs and even small airports are getting in on the action by planning viewing  parties, some much more expensive than others.

Here in Aiken, we are just on the edge of totality (sounds like a song from the 1980’s) and the city is all a buzz.

It’s like Masters Week, but without the golf. IMG_2057.jpg

Lucky me, I have jury duty that day, but plan to watch at least 20,000 Youtube videos of the eclipse that evening.  I’ll enjoy my day with Judge Early and knowing him,  I’m sure he will have some witty insight regarding the goings on.

But . . . what if it is overcast or better yet, torrential downpour rain?  Nowhere have I read any mention of that possibility.  Think about it, what is the liklihood that there will be clear skies all accross the path of the eclipse?

My guess is that there are no refunds for those fancy parties.  Wouldn’t that suck?

Just sayin’



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Yes, honey.  I’m almost ready to start on the garage.


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Current Events

4116389731_2bc5af0919_b-998x663.jpgA very interesting article (especially if you stay with it to the end)  entitled:

Google Firing Over Diversity Memo Shows How Outrage Addiction Is Making Us Stupid.

Current events get more mind-boggling every day.

Thanks to The Federalist and Hans Fiene

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