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“Time For One More Song, People”

As I awoke this morning, one of the first thoughts of the new day was that  I forgot to add this song to the “Storm preparedness” list yesterday. Why I woke up thinking about the blog?  I do not know. … Continue reading

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No Point Running. . .

. . .  ‘cuz it’s coming your way” I’m keeping in tune with today’s  “storm” theme. From 1974.  I remember talking my parents into buying this album as a Christmas present and I listened to it again and again and … Continue reading

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I May Be Crazy, But I Think Not

I first heard this song while a freshman in college back in 1978 on the live, “Compleat Tom Paxton album.  One might say this is a song meant to be sung on a Saturday evening. I have rarely  never been … Continue reading

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Glen Campbell, RIP

Glen was the first influence that moved me to want to play the guitar. I had to get an Ovation guitar because Glen played them  and did finally did back in 2002.  It’s one I’ll never sell. He died today, … Continue reading

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Let Me Whisper In Your Ear

  I was noodling around tonight and started playing  this song for the first time in probably over 20 years.  If I recall, I was in 7th grade when this #1 hit came out. The Rolling Stones, 1973, from the … Continue reading

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A Little Bit Of Sympathy

Here’s one for us old timers…a live version of a song from Robin Trower’s  second record. What were you listening to in 1974?    Trower puts on a clinic,  using the neck pick-up only.  (Guitarists will understand) What a great … Continue reading

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Nobody Gives A Damn Anyway

Who remembers Jim Croce? I’ve never forgotten. Jim died when I was thirteen, but I remember the day and where I was when we heard the news….8th grade library period, the morning of Friday September 21, 1973.  I was an … Continue reading

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