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“Time For One More Song, People”

As I awoke this morning, one of the first thoughts of the new day was that  I forgot to add this song to the “Storm preparedness” list yesterday. Why I woke up thinking about the blog?  I do not know. … Continue reading

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This I Remember

It was 1974 and I was “babysitting”  at a nearby neighbor’s and I remember seeing REO Speedwagon, pre Kevin Cronin, play this song on late night TV…Was it Midnight Special or Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert? The late, Gary Richrath with … Continue reading

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List #2: Live Recordings

The second installment of my favorite music. “Just one man’s opinion, but a good man’s at that”.  (Any “Mounties”  remember who said that?) Tonight I was was supposed to be practicing three new songs for an event we are playing … Continue reading

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But We All Get A Little Bit Crazy

This is a fun post. One one our daughters is dealing with some adversity.  Nothing unusual or earth shattering, but a first time for her. Sometimes, life sucks. She turns to daddy on a regular basis. I comply… I advise… … Continue reading

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She said, “Can I….”

Well, not so much these days. Thinking of my family and friends up North (and remembering why I decided to move South) Big snow events  (or hurricanes) always remind me of “Ridin’ The Storm Out” by REO Speedwagon.  A catchy … Continue reading

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It was a late night getting in. It was an early morning getting up. Today will be a very long day, as will Thursday. As the line in the song, 157 Riverside Avenue goes…”not enough time and too many things … Continue reading

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Tough Guys

As our daughter Elissa, aka Jelly used to say, “It’s the same, but different” Two songs, with the same name, both having interesting openings… I am told that I have tickets to see REO when they come to Augusta in … Continue reading

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