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“Time For One More Song, People”

As I awoke this morning, one of the first thoughts of the new day was that  I forgot to add this song to the “Storm preparedness” list yesterday. Why I woke up thinking about the blog?  I do not know. … Continue reading

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This I Remember

It was 1974 and I was “babysitting”  at a nearby neighbor’s and I remember seeing REO Speedwagon, pre Kevin Cronin, play this song on late night TV…Was it Midnight Special or Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert? The late, Gary Richrath with … Continue reading

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List #2: Live Recordings

The second installment of my favorite music. “Just one man’s opinion, but a good man’s at that”.  (Any “Mounties”  remember who said that?) Tonight I was was supposed to be practicing three new songs for an event we are playing … Continue reading

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But We All Get A Little Bit Crazy

This is a fun post. One one our daughters is dealing with some adversity.  Nothing unusual or earth shattering, but a first time for her. Sometimes, life sucks. She turns to daddy on a regular basis. I comply… I advise… … Continue reading

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She said, “Can I….”

Well, not so much these days. Thinking of my family and friends up North (and remembering why I decided to move South) Big snow events  (or hurricanes) always remind me of “Ridin’ The Storm Out” by REO Speedwagon.  A catchy … Continue reading

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It was a late night getting in. It was an early morning getting up. Today will be a very long day, as will Thursday. As the line in the song, 157 Riverside Avenue goes…”not enough time and too many things … Continue reading

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Tough Guys

As our daughter Elissa, aka Jelly used to say, “It’s the same, but different” Two songs, with the same name, both having interesting openings… I am told that I have tickets to see REO when they come to Augusta in … Continue reading

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Ridin The Storm Out

Just talked to my cousin in CLifton, NJ…just a few miles from NYC and the coast. They are hunkered in and getting ready for the arrival of Hurricane Irene. Not much they can do at this point other than ride … Continue reading

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