Officially A Tradition

Last night, “The Middle Aged, Balding Blogger Association”, (MABBA), chartered in Augusta, GA on May 31, 2011, held their annual meeting at AP’s Lobster House in Allendale, SC. In attendance were three of the four founding members, Doug Fine, Steve Layman and Yours Truly. Missing was Kurt Harden who was working hard to keep the economy of Licking County, OH chugging along, in spite of the moron (s) in Washington, DC trying to derail it.

The Association was incubated here, with Kurt present.

It was officially chartered here.

The annual meeting is officially a tradition.

The location was selected as it is approx. half way between Aiken/Augusta and Hilton Head Island, where Steve was vacationing with his family.

The Lobster House is a unique place because although there is a huge lobster out front, on the sign, they do not serve lobster, nor any seafood for that matter. It is a neighborhood watering hole and pool hall…and as Kenny Block would say, “It’s A Beautiful Thing”.

Here is why we have elected AP’s Lobster House as the official venue for our meetings:

From left: Steve, Doug, Lisa, taken by “Bubba”

The staff….Lindsay was our hostess last year and once she realized we were not undercover agents for some obscure agency, she warmed up to us. Lindsay was off last night, but her partner behind the bar, Lisa, took the hand off and ran with it. She even called Lindsay to let her know we were asking for her…and yes, she remembered us. I think we even had a brief chat with “AP” last night. Thank you, Lisa…you did a great job putting up with us.

The beverages…a couple of cold, Yuengling (RD #3, Pottsville, PA) long necks and then we switched to soft drinks…except Doug, because I was the DD for us. I was even treated to the “special recipe” house, Ice Tea…nice.

I think it was AP herself who told us the sign gets painted in a few weeks.

The Food…Well, we cleaned out the supply of hand-dipped, fried pickles, (best I have ever had and next time, the basket goes in front of me, not Doug). There were some other snacks and then the cheeseburgers…dripping with Southern love and goodness (Ok, I’m getting a bit dramatic, but they were great burgers). Times are tough for everyone…especially small enterprises. If you are in Allendale, stop in and spend a few dollars….your stomach will be glad you did.


I see Doug at least once a week and talk to him almost daily, (or at least I should), but Steve is 800 miles away and we stay in touch through our blogs. It was great getting caught up with our families and we got to see pictures of Steve’s shark fishing trip from earlier in the day in addition to sharing some blogging ideas.

The “New Business” portion of the meeting was our discussion of Doug and I taking a road trip (by plane) this fall to Newark, OH for a mid-year convention, to meet several blogging buddies and so Steve can show us what an Ohio, High School Football Friday Night is like. Something tells me scheduling this might be a bit complicated, but time will tell

Blogging has introduced me to many new “friends”, some of whom I will never meet because they are half way across the world. Several of them are just East of Columbus, OH and I do look forward to finally meeting them this fall.

About Ray V.

Living between Aiken & Charleston,, South Carolina, USA, I like to share what I am looking at, thinking about or listening to. I refer to this as the view out my window. Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. E. says:

    An inspired summary of last evening’s events Big. A good time was had by all!


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