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Your Assistance Is Expected & Appreciated

  Eclecticity Light is the second blog founded by my friend Doug.  Eclecticty was his  first. Doug was the the one who suggested I start blogging back in January of 2010, but I think he is feeling a little left out. I … Continue reading

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Why Not?

This works for me. . .    From “The Eclectic One” Be sure to read his explanation.  

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The Path

Last night, Doug illustrated my life’s path here. He knows me well.                                 Tonight,  he and I will get together and discuss the future.

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More like, two for the price of one…….. The first is courtesy of Doug, the Eclectic One.   The second one, I stumbled across on Tumblr. I can’t recall whose site though.   Getting old sucks. Regardless…good things to remember….and … Continue reading

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Credit Where Credit Is Due

Go visit Doug’s blog at Eclecticity Light and congratulate him on his blogging birthday. He was my original mentor and inspiration for SVU and is much more entertaining than I am. He’s from California, was a Navy officer, spent some … Continue reading

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Because He Asked

Friend, blogging mentor and all around nice guy, Doug, aka as the publisher of Eclecticity and Eclecticity Light,  requested those of us with the power to re-blog this post, to find it in our hearts to do so. Since I … Continue reading

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Thank You, No.

The title refers to the link at the bottom of this post. Doug, author of Eclecticity and now Eclecticity Light was the original inspiration for my start in bloging some four and a half years ago. He and I have … Continue reading

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I Can Only Hope

I had a quick dinner tonight with my buddy Doug at our usual place. You may know him as Eclecticity….or may Eclecticity Lite or maybe even ebossrate (watch the lady bust a groove) For me, he is the guy who … Continue reading

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C’mon, You Know You Want To….

……rate your boss…anonymously. The brilliant minds behind Eclecticity…..Eclecticity Light and Jet Boy & My Dog Skip have teamed up to bring you… eBossRate.com Doug has given up a successful, yet uncompensated blogging career to set this site up with his … Continue reading

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Another Quiet Legend, Gone.

J.J. Cale died yesterday…you probably never heard of him…but you have heard his songs. Here is one of the more popular ones…. The other evening, I was in the car with Doug from Ebossrate.com and Eclecticity, discussing how the singer/songwriters/bands … Continue reading

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Gone, But Not Forgotten

My blogging mentor and real-life friend has stopped adding post to his blog, Eclecticity. Here is one of his parting shots, Introducing baby to pets Doug will be spending his time in other pursuits, naming trying to make a bunch … Continue reading

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Irony, Indeed

Doug dug this up (did that on purpose) Dripping with Irony You just cannot make this sh*t up and if it was not so sad, it would be very funny….but it is very sad and disturbing.

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A quote, e-mailed to me via The Mighty “E” “When it comes to being gentle, start with yourself. Don’t get upset with your imperfections. Being disappointed by failure is understandable, but it shouldn’t turn into bitterness or spite directed at … Continue reading

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Their Heroes?

From Doug, through Kurt…..and we are not referring to “our” heroes. Heaven help us. A day in the life of an owner/business manager…..

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Might Be

Doug thinks it might be time to call the police. I would not disagree and also am a little jealous as I doubt I could exhibit the same amount of strength. Leave it to Mr. “E”, who is also Mr … Continue reading

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