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Illustrating The Absurd . . .

. . . by being absurd. Kurt Harden shares a thought that caused me to launch a mouthful of coffee on to my laptop this morning. I knew something like this would happen.    What’s next? If you want to keep … Continue reading

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By Association

Kurt brings us Around The Smart Horn.   (aka “The 25 Blogs Guaranteed to Make You Smarter”) Blogging has introduced me to some very interesting people.  Kurt is one. We have shared cigars, meals, adult beverages and life challenges.  If … Continue reading

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Be kind to your senses, courtesy of  Rob “The Teacher” Firchau, an elite member of Kurt’s Twenty Five Blogs Guaranteed To Make You Smarter Memories        Land on that link, but go back and browse Rob’s site. You … Continue reading

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View From One Of My Desks

The idea comes from Kurt Harden who gets mentioned twice in as many days. A view from Kurt’s desk. This was my view at 0800 this morning as we cleared the walkway/parking lot for a mid-day funeral service. It  has been … Continue reading

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It Has Been Said . . .

. . . that you will be the same peson in five years that you are today, except for what you read and who you associate with. Here is a way get two for the price of one. 25 Blogs … Continue reading

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Change Of Venue

Kurt makes the request, Bring back the study. I’m fortunate to have a study/library.  The room is the reason I wanted to get this home fourteen years ago. Fortunately for me, there were enough things my wife liked about the … Continue reading

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Accurate and to the point: Thanks to Kurt over at CulturalOffering, where you never know what you will find, but it will always be worth the visit. Since it is a throwback Thursday, let’s look back at tomorrow. Jim and … Continue reading

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Passing The Torch? . . .

. . . God help us. I suppose that members of every generation look at those coming up behind them and shake their head in bewilderment.   But really, what is this world coming to? I’ve been shaking my head … Continue reading

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Just A Different Kettle Of Fish

In just a few weeks, this blog will be six years old.  These virtual pages have introduced me to many that I now call “friend.”  Some I have met and others are on far-away continents,  but there are common bonds. … Continue reading

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Microagression? Really?

Kurt has a knack for being able to offer  very interesting views of our culture. Maybe that’s why he calls his blog CulturalOffering? The eight minute series of interviews found in this story should make your head spin faster than … Continue reading

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My Friend The Mycophagist

A mycophagist is one who is a mushroom fancier or a “fungus eater.” The only fungi however, of interest to a mycophagist, are the edible, rubbery, umbrella shaped varities. Why else would anyone put pictures of  seasoned, succulent, simmering fungi … Continue reading

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If You Like This Blog . . .

. . . You will LOVE CulturalOffering.     Today, my friend  Kurt Harden passes a milestone on the pathway of blogging life. Celebrating Eight Years of being King of the Blogosphere.  (my words, not his) Congratulations sir and I … Continue reading

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Stats, Schmatz

Stats?,  We don’t need no stinkin’ stats. A few weeks ago, a blogging buddy suggested that I change the way I publish my blog, requiring readers to open the post in their browser. I thought this would be a good … Continue reading

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Take Me For A Fool

A week or two ago, my buddy Kurt Harden, host of CulturalOffering mentioned that he had secured tickets to see the Alan Parson’s Project in September as they tour through Newark, Ohio  . . . a little known musical mecca. … Continue reading

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The Truth Hurts

Kurt Harden always tells the truth, even when it hurts like this.

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