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All My Dreams Were Standing In Line

This morning, my buddy Doug inducted a song that he deemed “perfect”  by the Marshall Tucker Band.  A good song indeed, but  another song from that great, 1980 record, Tenth that trumps it.  “Tenth”  is one of those albums that … Continue reading

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Like We Need A Reminder?

I got  hungry when I read Steve Layman’s  tribute to a meat that often does not get the recognition it deserves. There are some very insightful observations found when Steve talks about bacon. Enjoy.    

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It has taken me fifty-five years to learn this simple suggestion. Finally, I can relax. Thanks to Steve Layman for being on ongoing, fountain of  The Truth. The Picture is from April when the Layman’s were in town for The … Continue reading

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So I Am Told

Happy Good Morning. After you get done chuckling over last night’s jokes, here is a dose of Monday morning reality. Steve knows that Life isn’t Fair  

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Oh, Why Not?

I read this over at Steve Layman’s Blog this morning. A little irreverant for some, but “Pythonesque” for others.

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1,956 And Counting

It all began four years ago today when I posted, Welcome to the world according to me 1,956 pages and a little over 82,000 views later, I am still posting items that are of interest to me, or as it … Continue reading

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Guilty As Charged.

I am not proud to admit it, but this describes me. Thanks for the reminder, Steve……(not).

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What Could Have Been

Steve Layman shows how the history of man could have been different from the very beginning. What a difference this might have made……

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Happy Birthday SVU

Three years ago today, I started this blog. The inspiration came from Doug and was nurtured by several others, especially Kurt and Steve. The first entry was, How It All Began It has been three years, 1,290 posts, over 50,000 … Continue reading

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Kurt Talks And People Listen

In just a few weeks, SVU blog will celebrate three years of doing whatever it is that I am doing. During that time, I have been the beneficiary of suggestions from those already in the trenches (and from some folks … Continue reading

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I saw this the other day at Steve Layman’s Blog…too good not to steal. If you have not already heeded my advice to read Steve Daily, now would be a good time to start doing so. (go there today to … Continue reading

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Attitude Is Important…

…But… attitude, when combined with cunning, brute strength… creates an force to be reckoned with!! Steve Posted this earlier today….Attitude I have had this photo on my desktop for over a month, waiting for the right opportunity. Well, here it … Continue reading

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Too Funny!

From Steve Layman… You Better Be Good For Goodness’ Sake

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A Faster Horse

I look again to Licking County, OH for worthy material…and am not disappointed…Thanks, Steve. Below is an important quote. It is why Apple is #1 and why everyone else is in a tie for last place. A faster horse, of … Continue reading

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Cheap Medicine

Steve is not a physician, but he may have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night….. Cheap Medicine Here is your second, dose of the morning…….courtesy of your friendly, neighborhood undertaker, (I slept in my own bed last night).

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