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The World We Live In

. . .  brought to you each day by the editorial staff at Ecelcticity Light.  

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The Old Normal

Oberserved this morning at Eclecticty Light, the second love child of my blogging mentor, Doug.

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Welcome To Year #8

It was seven years ago today that this blog was born.  Thank you to funeral service giant, Bob “I’m just a Simple Village Undertaker” Horn for the name and thank you to Doug (Eclecticity Light)  Fine for urging and nudging … Continue reading

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It Has Been Said . . .

. . . that you will be the same peson in five years that you are today, except for what you read and who you associate with. Here is a way get two for the price of one. 25 Blogs … Continue reading

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Opening Paragrahs

Or in this case, liner notes.    The first half of life, we are naturally and rightly preoccupied with establishing our identity – climbing, acheiving, and performing. But those concerns will not serve us as we grow older and begin … Continue reading

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Seventeen Inches

Do yourself a favor today and take a few minutes and read this “remarkable, incredible, heartwarming and instructive” story, lifted from the pages of Eclecticity Light. Doug, the guy who got me started on this blogging path,  throws some pretty … Continue reading

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Indeed. I do not impress easily.  I do however, acknowledge and applaud excellence.    Watch this demonstration by Lars Andersen and then I challenge you to tell me it is not one of the coolest, videos you have ever seen.  Malcolm … Continue reading

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It has taken me fifty-five years to learn this simple suggestion. Finally, I can relax. Thanks to Steve Layman for being on ongoing, fountain of  The Truth. The Picture is from April when the Layman’s were in town for The … Continue reading

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Breakfast Is Served

I never considered trying to eat my computer screen until this morning.                       My buddy Doug, is the host.   The venue is called Eclecticity Light. This is on the menu. … Continue reading

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As Usual . . .

I agree with my buddy Doug aka “E” as he reports on  Pope Francis Visits The Sick. Good reporting and way to go, Scooter.   

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Morning Chuckle

Thanks to Doug for this unusual, yet very funny video.    This might be your first chuckle of the day.  I hope it is. A new approach to marketing.

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Why Not?

This works for me. . .    From “The Eclectic One” Be sure to read his explanation.  

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The Path

Last night, Doug illustrated my life’s path here. He knows me well.                                 Tonight,  he and I will get together and discuss the future.

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My Sentiments Exactly

We met, we ate, we dranked we laughed. Four years running Nothing more was needed. A Tradition

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Road Trip

It’s that time of the year, but the Lobster House is closed (maybe because all they served were burgers and frozen pizza?) Tomorrow, Doug, Steve and I hit the road and meet in Hampton, SC… for the fouth annual Blogger’s … Continue reading

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