Hospice Social Worker Throws a No Hitter

OK, there wasn’t a batter, but……

You may recall a few months ago, that I wrote about sharing our season tickets for the Augusta Greenjackets with some of the caregivers in our community. As the season winds down to the end, we had a great time Saturday evening as Cheri Hicks, a social worker with Regency Hospice in Aiken took to the mound.

Cheri is a tireless worker and a celebrity in our community. We were happy to be able to make arrangement for her to throw out the first pitch in front of a sold out stadium. Not to leave anything to chance, I am told Cheri started practicing back in April so as to not to miss home plate (like a certain president did). Her pitch was right down the pipe and the crowd gave her a hearty round of applause for her efforts.

The victorious Cheri returns to the dugout

Many of her co-workers

The Regency Hospice Support Team

joined Cheri and her husband Randy at the game. The Regency staff went out and got shirts made up just for the occasion. It was a great night out, even though the sky threathened early on with some sprinkles and thunder in the distance.

Notice the athletic foot ware

We are pleased that we are able to offer these kinds of events as a way of saying “Thank You” to those that tirelessly give of themselves to the community.

After an unusually busy week of services, I was reminded of the fun things that I get to do as the village undertaker.

Waiting for her moment of glory

Ronnie Jones, Regency Administrator missed the group picture, so she gets her own with Cheri

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3 Responses to Hospice Social Worker Throws a No Hitter

  1. Jane Bennett says:

    Cheri–You are even MORE awesome than I knew! I am proud just to have gotten to know you.

    I love you, girl! Don’t know what I would ever have done without you.



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