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One of the younger members of our staff recently asked me if I had ever watched the series, Six Feet Under, adding that she didn’t think  I would like that kind of thing. Of course I did, the first season … Continue reading

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I was recently interviewed for an article about funeral service and technology. I enjoyed the process and have a new cyber-friend in Maggie. It can be found on 2machines.com…a website more eclectic than Eclecticity Light. This is the Real Reason … Continue reading

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Parking Lot General

A few days ago, while out early in the morning setting up parking cones in front of my church for a funeral, I took a picture and created a short blog post about it. I called it Early Start Dale … Continue reading

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Different By Degree

Another blogging friend finds a tidbit worth copying… Cool vs. Awesome I reminds me of something I learned many years ago. I’m not sure where it came from, maybe Tony Robbins, but I don’t know for sure. The gist of … Continue reading

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Today’s Lesson

Thank you to Steve Layman for his answer to those who say, “I don’t have enough time”….read it here Steve is another one of the folks that I have gotten to know “virtually” and someday hope to meet personally. Read … Continue reading

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The Wheels of Justice Turn Slow

Blogging from a location near the home of a well known, saline canine. The criminal, casket constructing monks are at it again. Read about it here at ConnectingDirectors.com This has been an ongoing saga that should be embarrassing to the … Continue reading

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You Don’t Have To Be Sick To Get Better

What a week! Lots of driving and unusual responsibilities…almost all of them good. A week ago today, I attended the funeral for a man that I would consider having been a good friend. The funeral, attended by over 500 people, … Continue reading

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Golden Caskets Revisited

You may recall my Golden Caskets? post from a few months back, Here is a video update…and I still wonder “Who” and “Why”? </

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Golden Caskets?

I was getting caught up on some reading early this morning and I made my way through the latest issue of Funeral Home & Cemetery News. (You can read it online) This monthly newspaper is comprised mostly of press releases … Continue reading

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Death on a Dime?

Last night was the segment on funeral costs on WIS-TV Death On A Dime There are lots of comments posted…including mine. Here are my comments below: I think this segment was a good public service. Unfortunately, the devil is in … Continue reading

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Hospice Social Worker Throws a No Hitter

OK, there wasn’t a batter, but…… You may recall a few months ago, that I wrote about sharing our season tickets for the Augusta Greenjackets with some of the caregivers in our community. As the season winds down to the … Continue reading

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Are We At A Crossroads?

Several years ago, I came across a motivational poster that stated: “The Best Way To Predict the Future is to Create it.” I liked the idea so much that I bought the poster and it hangs in a place so … Continue reading

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“Tonight, I will Sleep”

I first heard this story almost 15 years ago from my dear friend and mentor, Mr. Todd W. VanBeck. Whenever I have the opportunity to speak in front of a group of people, I try to make sure that I … Continue reading

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From Sunny Scottsdale to Snowy Aiken

After spending four days in sunny, Scottsdale, AZ, I made it back just hours before the first measurable snowfall in eight years shut down area airports with between 5″-8″ of snow. It was great to see my “Think Tank Friends”. … Continue reading

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