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My First Award

Gracious appreciation to Melissa at SingleMomUnschooling for nominating me for the  Sunshine Blogger Award; my first award after almost 2,800 posts and  six years of blogging. This award is for bloggers who spread sunshine and positivity throughout the blogging community.  Like my … Continue reading

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Raw Emotion

Provided courtesy of Confessions of a Funeral Director. When a son commits suicide and his mother writes his obituary, this is what it looks like. This is pretty intense. Many years ago, I was taught to use the term “Completed … Continue reading

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People are always looking for ways to keep the cost of funerals down and/or getting more directly involved…but isn’t this taking it just a bit too far? Thanks to @calebWilde

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No It’s Not

Well, I have never met Caleb, nor have I ever spoken to him. I know what I know about him from his blog. We do however, agree on this. This Funeral Is Not About You. I like the “express line” … Continue reading

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I was recently interviewed for an article about funeral service and technology. I enjoyed the process and have a new cyber-friend in Maggie. It can be found on 2machines.com…a website more eclectic than Eclecticity Light. This is the Real Reason … Continue reading

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Things change over time. Our bodies. Our minds. Our emotions. Our world view. Our homes. Our families. Our jobs. The things we like. Our relationships Our relationship with God The things we dislike. Time is a double edge sword. We … Continue reading

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Last night, I had the privilege of attending the premier of the movie, Waiting for Butterflies. The movie was shot in Aiken and much of the original script was modified to tie our city into the movie…and tied in very … Continue reading

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Take The Train

Aiken is Aiken because of trains…and love. Here is our newest edition, spotted just this morning. (It appears from doing a little research, it arrived a few weeks ago.) Picture of the primed Locomotive (check this out first) The secret … Continue reading

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The View From The Other Side Of The Door

The charming and lovely “Mrs. V” and I, (along with lots of other people we knew) traveled out of town on Sunday afternoon to support one of our friends whose father died last week. It was almost an hours drive … Continue reading

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Remembering Accurately

If people listened to me, (Which usually they do not), I would be famous for my recurring comments about the need to remember people accurately the way they were when they were alive. I have taken considerable criticism over the … Continue reading

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Think About It

Caleb Wilde finds times to ask the question, “So, You Want To Be A Mortician?” Pretty darn accurate, if you ask me.

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Uncle Joe On Gun Control

The man is a heartbeat away from the presidency….scary. This entertaining video actually makes a very good point, differentiating between shotguns and rifles, such as the AR-15 style….but not the point Joe wants to make. Joe Biden’s advice to women.

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Surely Southern

The annual Wysteria bloom is underway just in time for Masters Week. …this plant is hanging off the branch of a very large Magnolia tree….Aiken is awash in the soft lavender of these beautiful, albeit invasive plants. This view is … Continue reading

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OK…This morning got off to a slow start. I am now at my office extra early and the birds are singing outside my window and the train horns are blowing in the valley. I’m getting better. I then remembered what … Continue reading

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He Needs Help…Please Pray

Many of you have read my re-bloggs of Caleb Wilde’s Confessions of a Funeral Director Blog. Today, he posted a very dark and scary article. I Need Help I have e-mailed him and have tried to call…probably me and few … Continue reading

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