An Observation

This was sent to me by one of my favorite Marines, on the 241st birthday of the USMC.  I have tried very hard to be civil and respectful  during the entire cycle and believe this observation stays within those confines.

I hope that many of my readers who think the apocalypse is upon us, will come to realize their fears are unfounded.  It is not long, but if you want to get to the point, just go down to the last paragraph.

Thanks Mark.


We woke up this morning with an orange haired foul mouthed billionaire named Donald J. Trump as our President-elect. Millions of Americans are scratching their heads in disbelief. But, there are millions of others who feel a sense of relief they have not felt in years. This man was not who they expected to play the role, but he spoke to their pain like no other. These are The Forgotten Americans. Donald Trump understood the pain of this large segment of the population better than any other modern candidate for President. Let me tell you about these Forgotten Americans.

Forgotten Americans are among the 95,000,000 working age people who are not counted in the false unemployment statistics because they have given up looking for jobs.

Forgotten Americans are among those who have witnessed their health insurance premiums double and their deductibles triple after their President sold a lie to them with the ironic name, The Affordable Care Act.

Forgotten Americans live in cities whose manufacturing plants have long since shut down as a result of bad trade deals that have sent jobs overseas at the expense of the middle class.

Forgotten Americans believe in the rule of law and that the same law of the land should not apply to some and not others. Forgotten Americans respect police officers and know that their work is hard and dangerous enough without being labeled racists for doing their work.

Forgotten Americans fear the 20 Trillion dollar debt burden that will be inherited by their children and grandchildren because their government spent and wasted money recklessly for decades.

Forgotten Americans believe in God and hold traditional values who are tired of being told that they are intolerant because of their beliefs.

Forgotten Americans love their country and believe America is exceptional, not because its people are better, but because its system of representative government defined by the Founders in the Constitution made it special. Forgotten Americans believe the Constitution is being destroyed by judges who exceed their authority and create rather than interpret laws.

Forgotten Americans don’t believe that it is the role of the Federal Government to tell them what their kids can eat for lunch, the proper way to do a math problem or to intrude into their daily lives in a million different ways via regulations not even passed by elected representatives.

Forgotten Americans are the most generous people on earth and believe in taking care of those in need. But, they do not believe it is the role of government to redistribute their wealth for them.

Forgotten Americans believe in limited government that is of, for and by the people. They do not believe in a government of career politicians who make decisions to enhance their wealth and power at the expense of the people.

Forgotten Americans came to this country from another country via a legal process that took time and effort, but was worth it. They are now proud of their American citizenship and freedom to live the American Dream, but believe a sovereign nation must be able to enforce its borders.

Forgotten Americans fear terrorism and know that we must be able to name our enemy, if we stand a chance of defeating it.

These Forgotten Americans never expected to pick Donald J. Trump as their 45th President. But, after years of disappointment in those that they sent to Washington, they felt a sense of desperation. In their mind, the America they knew was slipping away and might never recover from four or eight years of a Clinton administration. The political experts never expected this election outcome because they didn’t know the Forgotten Americans. But, those of us in this group saw it coming a mile away. We knew the collective power of this group to act when they finally had their champion. Trump was a creation of years of disappointment. His lack of political experience, obnoxious personality and flamboyant style would have, at any other point in history, been a political liability. But, the Forgotten Americans decided that, in the election cycle of 2016, he was just the man needed to Make America Great Again.

There will be those who will continue to choose to label Trump as simply a racist, sexist, or some other form of beast created less from his own behavior and more from a long list of biased detractors in the media, the establishment and the haters. But, despite your opinion of the man, do not miss the movement. It is as real a revolution as anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes. Trump was elected by half of all those Americans who chose to vote as the leader of a movement that he did not create. The Forgotten Americans created this movement. If you won’t listen to President Trump, at least listen to them. You won’t have to go far to find them. Chances are they are your neighbor, friend or family member.

God Bless America.

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Living between Aiken & Nashville, TN, USA, I like to share what I am looking at, thinking about or listening to. I refer to this as the view out my window. Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Linda Gill says:

    Pretty much sums it up.

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