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His Clothes Were Old & Dirty

Searching  for a song today, I came accross two. The first was posted earlier today here: Seein’ the days and the nights pass me by. The second selection was written by the late Danny Jo Brown  in 1981, and is included … Continue reading

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A Common Thread

Both of these images have been sitting on my desktop for over a week. You may have seen one or the other already, but I believe I have woven them into a common thread as they belong together.  Don’t you … Continue reading

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Now That I Live In Ohio . . .

“There’s nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the sh*t kicked out of you.” – Woody Hayes / Ohio State   Note:  I don’t remember the incident that got him fired (see link above), but as a USC Gamecock fan, … Continue reading

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Go Tech!

We would love to be there, but Alicia and I  will be watching the Georgia Tech vs. Clemson football game tonight on ESPN. Sorry  to all our Clemson fan friends, but we are cheering for Georgia Tech and we hope … Continue reading

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Today ESPN once again visits the USC Horsehoe to bring you “GameDay” And if you’d like to hear a bit of pickin’ & grinin’ this morning, from an earlier GameDay you can click on, “I’m Just a Big ‘Ol Cock”

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Heading South

I’ll be heading South to Orlando this morning for a couple of days of what will be a very exciting planning session for my company. Long hours and when not in meetings, I’ll be thinking about and planning for the … Continue reading

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Going For Five…And A Whole Lot More

I realize that this is a “Regional Post” and that those from other countries and continents will not be all that interested in this topic, but do not worry…I will write something interesting soon. Tonight, The University of South Carolina … Continue reading

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Divine Intervention

Made the 735 mile drive from Aiken to Basking Ridge in almost record time…. Dinner with mom and dad and then Gamecock football. I must admit, being as tired as I was (and as bad as they were playing) I … Continue reading

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Today was the day….the official beginning of the “Winter Months” at my home. It was the first day that I used my outdoor hot-tub since closing it down for the summer, (There is nothing refreshing or comforting about sitting in … Continue reading

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Mixed Emotions

Tonight, the USC Gamecocks lost to the Georgia Bulldogs. I forgot the score already. The loss was softened by watching Brendan Douglas, true freshman tail back from Augusta, GA, play and very play well in his first college game. Brendan … Continue reading

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It Begins Tomorrow…

…A perfect season?….a National title? Could this be the year? The USC Gamecocks…game by game Here is a link, a few years old, but the story of my becoming a fan…and a great song with it. I’m Just A Big … Continue reading

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Exciting !

It has been an exciting couple of days for youngest daughter, Megan. Earlier in the week she was voted on to the Prom Court at her High School. (1 of 4 young ladies) Yesterday afternoon, while working on an after … Continue reading

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Daddy B Proud

Elissa continues to lead and amaze with her abilities…hopefully, this competition, (which even though she has tried explaining it to me, I still do not understand) will lead to some great recognition for the school and her. The Anti-Bullying Project … Continue reading

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I Repeat, Do Not Make Him Mad

I’m not a big “sports guy” by any measure…..but I am a huge fan of USC Gamecocks baseball and football. I also enjoy watching masters of their trade and #7 is the master of his trade. Here is the description … Continue reading

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Jelly Is Home!

Also newsworthy and before today’s main feature….Oldest daughter, Kelliann will finish her nursing program this week, at or very near the top of her class. She has worked about as hard as anyone ever has to get this done, successfully … Continue reading

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