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Thank You

Thank you to all the folks who took the time (and continue to)  to wish me a happy birthday on my blog, FB, Twitter and LinkedIn. I appreciate you taking the time to do so.    

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Reversing Course

Last week, I joined most of the rest of humanity when I signed up for a FB account. Actually, our daughter, Elissa set the page up for me.    I must say that the seven days were interesting. Overnight, without … Continue reading

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A Perplexed, Digital Dinosaur

Blogging is a joyful hobby for me.  Some of you already know that the reason I blog is to amuse myself and to provide a view out my window. Who needs a better reason? That being said, I do occasionally … Continue reading

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Regrets?…Who, Me?

On Thursday, I found a post that mirrored my feelings at the time. I re-blogged it on Friday morning and it was called Regrets. I have had a bit of a cold, (better than the crud that’s going around), my … Continue reading

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Twitter Wisdom, Continued.

I like Twitter and use it for more of my political/social commentary ideas… Here are a few “tweets” I saved while awaiting the arrival of a friend, rocking in a chair at Columbia Regional Airport, (CAE) yesterday afternoon…and a few … Continue reading

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Twitter Words Of Wisdom

Brilliant Women (@Epic_Women) 10/19/12, 17:59 Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. -Mother Teresa

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I Love Twitter…

…it is like a yard sale. You have to comb through a lot of junk, but if you keep looking, you are bound to find some treasure…like this: James JP Hawkins (@jphawkins2009) 9/16/12 1:38 @SKHigginbotham @SpreadButter @MNevadom “No amount of … Continue reading

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I Wonder?

I found this on Twitter last night…..Courtesy of @RightWingAngel Question of the night: Do NFL players have “fantasy office worker leagues”?

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Twitter Up

I have finally decided to start taking Twitter seriously and will probably be putting a lot more of my political/social views/articles up in that format. If you are interested in following me on twitter, I am: @rvisotski Be understanding with … Continue reading

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