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North By North West

Tomorrow, my honey and I are flying  out of town to visit a college friend of mine  (and his sweetie) who have invited us for a long weekend.  It’s been almost forever since we have done anything like this and … Continue reading

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Meet Virginia

Every band that makes it big  starts off with a “first hit” and I believe this is the one that got Pat and the boys on their way.  In the early days, I saw Train in clubs and bars, some … Continue reading

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Got A Band? Start A Winery

I was perusing the shelves of the wine isle at my local Publix the other night and spied the top of this label. Sounds like a Train song.   Well, how about that?  One of the bands I followed during … Continue reading

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The One & Only

Released Ten years ago and a “Top Ten Album” for me. Train….My Private Nation

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This Room

This is a band I almost missed knowing about….South Carolina natives, I Nine. I mentioned in a earlier post that I had seen them open for Train at the Township Auditorium in Columbia, SC back in 2004 or 2005, I … Continue reading

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Music to Brighten You Rainy Thursday

Raining..over an inch last night…a cold rain….needs some brightening Doug sent me a CD…the soundtrack for the movie Elizabethtown. On the CD is a song by the band INine (eye-nine). Jelly and I say them open for Train back in … Continue reading

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Meet Virginia

Just an old, Train song to start the week.

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Fifty Ways X2

We had a spirited family discussion this evening after dinner…all my women….wife and three daughters discussing dating, responsibility, chastity and seeing how far they can push the only man in the house before dad loses his mind. In reality, it … Continue reading

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I’ll See Your Lyrics…And Raise You Two LPs

There has been a cooperative effort between a growing list of bloggers to post some “Top 25 lyrics” from songs. I think it started out with Jet Boy, moved on to Eclecticity, then CulturalOffering, then AndersonLayman’s and now I will … Continue reading

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Her Eyes

Wow, what a week!…little time for anything but work…including cleaning up ice. I was privileged to accompany several family’s on some very sad journeys these past two weeks and I have been working very long hours. I’m whooped, but it … Continue reading

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