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I May Be Crazy, But I Think Not

I first heard this song while a freshman in college back in 1978 on the live, “Compleat Tom Paxton album.  One might say this is a song meant to be sung on a Saturday evening. I have rarely  never been … Continue reading

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Sleep Tight

I saw this picture on Twitter earlier and it reminded me of a song from one of my favorite albums, from my college years. The Paxton Report. Some of you may remember when Three Mile Island lit off in 1979.  I … Continue reading

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Chop, Chop, Chop

The year was 1992.   Christmas was on the way and we had two, very  young daughters.  (#3 wasn’t even a twinkle yet) I had been  unemployed for four months, having left a secure job for an exciting opportunity with … Continue reading

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Serious, Turned Off

After the two previous posts that were very serious, I just to show that I do have a sense of humor and can laugh as needed. I have always been fond of Tom Paxton’s music. I disagree with his politics, … Continue reading

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Thanks For The Letter, Mitt

This is good. Thanks For The Letter Mitt I get one of these letters daily…sometimes more than one in a day…. “The Candidates come and the candidates go and they all sound the same”…..Tom Paxton,1980

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Three Mile Island Remembered

The recent earthquake and Tsunami in Japan and the resulting problems at the Fukushima nuclear power plant reminds me of the Three Mile Island ‘event” that took place on March 28, 1979. I was a freshman at Mt. St. Mary’s … Continue reading

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