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I Would Agree

We are just a bunch of regular guys and gals. From Caleb’s Blog….Confessions of an Undertaker….a poem. The Undertaker Reminded me of this Title Track

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Saying Goodbye to 2012

Once again, my mentor and friend, Todd Van Beck opens up his soul and shares a great story. I sure do wish our paths crossed more often as it has been 4-5 years now since we sat down together for … Continue reading

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Don’t Worry Mommy, I Know What To Do.

Todd Vanbeck is the single biggest influence in my career as a funeral director, period. After thirty four years of doing this thing we call undertaking, that is quite a statement. As we both get older and grumpier, we appear … Continue reading

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Monks Prevail

I have been following the progress of the case in Louisiana in which the state tried to shut down a monastery-based casket building business. The basis of the argument was that the building of “boxes for the dead” could only … Continue reading

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Music For A Sunday Afternoon

Music For A Sunday Afternoon courtesy of Kurt at Cultural Offerings When I was a student at the venerable Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science in 1982-83, I would often study to a cassette of Buxtehude organ music. I don’t recall … Continue reading

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