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What If It Rains?

I am intrigued by all the excitement  regarding the upcoming, total eclipse and the resulting economic impact on the 70-mile wide path accross the County on August 21st.  Emergency officials are contingency planning for massive crowds, hotels have been sold … Continue reading

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On Traditions & Etiquette

  The 2017 Masters Tournament has come to an exciting end and many of us are left to ponder the great traditions of this event.  It has been a few years since I attended, but our middle daughter, Elissa attended her … Continue reading

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My Souvenir

My needs are simple. Daughter, Elissa (aka Jelly)  was at the final round of The Masters today, but needed to leave before the tournament ended. The story began here  Year Six Knowing how to suck up to the old man, … Continue reading

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The Morning Of Year Six

Just a few moments ago, Jelly & LC left for Augusta to spend the day camped out at “their spot” at the 8th tee box. The story from last years, with links going back.  Advice for the day; Second Installment … Continue reading

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It has taken me fifty-five years to learn this simple suggestion. Finally, I can relax. Thanks to Steve Layman for being on ongoing, fountain of  The Truth. The Picture is from April when the Layman’s were in town for The … Continue reading

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Thanks, Al

Last evening, Steve & Michele Layman came by for dinner as they made the treck from Newark, OH towards the hallowed grounds of the Augusta National for today’s action. It serves as  another example of how the CSRA and Licking … Continue reading

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Filling My Dance Card This Weekend

It’s that time of the year…“The Tunamint”   A special week, even if you are not a golfer. This evening I learned that my wife and I will be hosting some dear friends from Columbia, SC for dinner on Friday evening. … Continue reading

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Starting Early

I came accross this sign last week at I-20, Exit 61 in Lexington, SC. (about an hour and a half away from The National) They are starting early this year.

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Year Four, A Reflection

This is Masters Week in the CSRA. It is difficult to explain what it is like living in the influence of this event….but that is a good thing. Blogging buddy Jenny Wright sums it up pretty good here. This is … Continue reading

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Congratulations #455

On Monday, Elissa graduated from college and moved one step closer to getting off Daddy’s payroll. It was a great day and a great evening as graduate #455, of just over 2,500 walked on stage and received her diploma. A … Continue reading

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Revert…that is my suggestion to the folks at the Augusta National, (I know they will see this) Revert to the old, pimento cheese sandwich. I mentioned yesterday that there was some local news being made about those famous, $1.50 sandwiches. … Continue reading

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The Final Day?

Today is Master’s Sunday…the climax of the biggest week of the year for Augusta, GA. This year however, it looks as if there is a possibility that weather may impact the tournament, late in the day…and that is when the … Continue reading

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“Dee Planes Boss, Dee Planes”

It is Master’s Week and one of the most important weeks in the local economy. Even though we are thirty miles from The Augusta National, every hotel room is booked, every restaurant table is filled and our municipal airport (AIK) … Continue reading

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Another View

One reason I blog is to give you a look out my window. It is an exciting week in this corner of the world…Spring Break and The Masters. Here is a humorous look out the window of Cabin Crew Sue. … Continue reading

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That Time Of Year

It is that time of the year…Spring… April…Pollen… and … The Masters. Yesterday, I observed that there was more traffic and more people driving the wrong way on our one-way streets in Aiken…a sure sign of things to come. I … Continue reading

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