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One Year As An Adult

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the death of someone I had known for many years. The day after he died, I wrote the following: My Youth is Officially Over That seemed a little strange as I was fifty-three … Continue reading

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A Warmness That’s Turned Into Cold

A pretty and philosophical song by the late Peppi Marchello and The Good Rats A song about a man on a fish…. From the album “Birth Comes To Us All” – 1979 Ask me whatever yes is and knows I’m … Continue reading

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It’s Three O’Clock……

I just found this little piece of ear candy. The late Peppi Marchello & his son Stefan, singing one of the old Good Rats standards, “Advertisement In The Voice”. The Kickstarter campaign for a book of Peppi’s music and pictures … Continue reading

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A Butler With A Dumb Name

Today: Ramblings of a middle aged man…me This morning, I received an e-mail with a link to a Kickstarter account….see Peppi Marchello link below. Many of you are probably familiar with Kickstarter as it is a way for people to … Continue reading

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Pumping Gas At Night Just To Survive

As I do a bit of surfing on YouTube this evening, watching some old videos of Peppi and the boys, I can’t help but read the hundreds of messages from fans around the world. It is nice to know that … Continue reading

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Stay Close To Your Phone…You Never Know.

I am continuing my tribute to the late, Peppi Marchello who died Wednesday night. The Good Rats were an acquired taste…like single malt Scotch or a fine cigar. There are dozens and dozens of songs that define him as a … Continue reading

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My Youth Is Officially Over

It was with great sadness that I just learned of the death of Peppi Marchello, co-founder and front man of the band, The Good Rats. Another story is here. If I kept track of all the music I have listened … Continue reading

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Fireball XL5….Fireball Express

Fireball XL5 was an “action” TV show from my very early childhood. Additionally, as best as I can remember back forty five years or so, it was the first TV show that I watched where I also had the toy…a … Continue reading

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Music to Start New Week

It was 1978 and The Good Rats were one of the bands that ruled the Long Island area music scene. Combining hard, driving rock with Jazzy riffs and the range of Peppi Marchello’s voice, they were “The One, The Only, … Continue reading

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Tough Guys

As our daughter Elissa, aka Jelly used to say, “It’s the same, but different” Two songs, with the same name, both having interesting openings… I am told that I have tickets to see REO when they come to Augusta in … Continue reading

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Birth Comes To Us All

As I begin to get in the mood of acknowledging the upcoming Father’s Day holiday, I thought it might be nice to start off with a thirty three year old ballad from The Good Rats. This piece is really a … Continue reading

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City Liners

Someone is finally getting some of the original Good Rats songs on the web. This has always been one of my favorites…about growing up in the city….in the good ol’ days. From the “Birth Comes To Us All” Album.

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Storm Front

Well, there is a hurricane blowing up the Eastern seaboard, so why not post a song from the “Stormfront” LP, by Billy Joel. Downeaster Alexa has nothing to do with hurricanes, but it is a great ballad. Schuyler Deale, who … Continue reading

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Coo Coo Coo Blues

This is an old (1977) song from the 2nd Good Rats Album, “From Rats to Riches” and was one of the anthems we used to sing in College and I suppose it could be submitted for the “Top 25” contest. … Continue reading

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Forty Acres of Paradise

This article was recently published in Aiken Family Magazine “Forty Acres of Paradise” It seems that with each issue, I develop a case of writers block as I search for a new topic. Eventually, something happens and the story is … Continue reading

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