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Hello Washington, Anybody Home?

The Flag and the Constitution stand for democracy and not tyranny; for freedom, not subjection . . . Franklin D. Roosevelt   I think someone needs to send the  memo to the folks in Washington.

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Because He Asked

Friend, blogging mentor and all around nice guy, Doug, aka as the publisher of Eclecticity and Eclecticity Light,  requested those of us with the power to re-blog this post, to find it in our hearts to do so. Since I … Continue reading

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Tramping On The Constitution

Thanks for sending this over, Ron. These are some dark days for our Country. Credit to the cartoonist. This work is not mine.

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courtesy of cartoonstock.com

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News, What News?

Here is an example of the kind of news you should be hearing if you “tune in” to your network evening news cast. Unfortunately, you do not, which probably makes it easier for those who are destroying the foundation of … Continue reading

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