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That Feeling

For many years, I had the funeral home/cremation society phones  forwarded to my cell phone. Consequently, I got in the habit of always having the  phone in my hand or pocket. Not necessarily a good habit, but one nonetheless. These … Continue reading

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To The Rescue

Drones to the Rescue. I remember the old days when we delivered these via MICU (Mobile Intensive Care Unit). Next thing will probably be some delivery system for  bystanders to administer cardiac drugs for that 1-2 punch.   Sounds far-fetched, … Continue reading

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The Latest Gadget

Here is something for those of you who lose track of your data files and thumb drives from time to time. I heard about this from a friend in the “Intelligence Community.”  You can take along 64GB wherever you may … Continue reading

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Progress?, Well Maybe.

Last night, I was thinking about progress and how our three daughters don’t know life without instant communication and access to information/entertainment.   They have no understanding of having one telephone in the house and it being mounted on the … Continue reading

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In & Out Of Consciousness

No, not me, but our wi-fi doesn’t seem to like the new occupants. It cuts  in and out at the most inopportune times, . . .  like when you want to use it. Unfortunately, we have higher  priorities, but should eventually … Continue reading

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Does This Make Me A Stalker?

Last night, I posted Seven Months and Seven Wonders. I was tired, had a million and one  things on my mind, my ankles were killing me, I was putting new strings on the guitars for tonight and was a prisoner … Continue reading

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The picture says it all. What a great idea! Thanks, Carla

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Technology Is Not Wisdom

I have been sitting on ths article for about two weeks since my buddy Ron gave it to me to read. Take a few minutes and read it and ponder it’s message. Technology is not wisdom “What does it matter … Continue reading

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I Do Not Care, I Use Macs

Bob Cringely reports in….. Windows-8 Users-0 “Windows 8 is just over a month from hitting the market and my sense is that this initial release, at least, will be at best controversial and at worst a failure”..Bob Cringley

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Good Advice From Bob

Bob Cringely is a smart guy, no question about that. Here is some sound advice from Bob. Heed it,… (I do)….or weep. A belt and suspenders for your cloud storage

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Jihad This

I was doing some late season, Spring cleaning today and came across a box of old FujiFilm 100MB Zip Disks…remember those?…big time storage in it’s day. Luckily, I still have a USB zip drive reader and it even works on … Continue reading

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Twitter Up

I have finally decided to start taking Twitter seriously and will probably be putting a lot more of my political/social views/articles up in that format. If you are interested in following me on twitter, I am: @rvisotski Be understanding with … Continue reading

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