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Counting To Ten Is Easier If You Have All Your Fingers

The July 4th Holiday is different for those who earn their livings (or volunteer) in emergency services. During my early years, I always offered to work on the 4th as  it was likely to be an interesting day.  It often … Continue reading

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Please Click Here

Here is a little background. Please help…and it costs nothing. No ice, no bucket, no donation – just one click and you can help Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation win $2,500 and be selected as one of the Top-Ten Charities in … Continue reading

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Post Detour, Be A BFF

I made mention of the detour here. Back on track. It started with a story as I was climbing the ladder. Now I am the immediate past chair of the board and soon to be a member of the “Has … Continue reading

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How Much? …..100%

I learn something new every day. (Truth be told, I’ve known this for awhile…but did not tell you about it) Remember, you can click on the pictures to make them larger This is an exciting week….Wednesday, March 26, 2014 is … Continue reading

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Five And Out

Today marked my last day as chair of the advisory board of the Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation. This afternoon at our annual meeting, concluding our 25th anniversary year, I received my plaque and a really nice bottle of Scotch in … Continue reading

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Advanced Notice

This is for our friends in the CSRA…… I occasionally use this blog to promote the Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation, the small charity with a big heart. As chairman of the board, I am able to provide my readers (and … Continue reading

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Any Friends Out There?

Back in October, I brought it up here: Be a BFF A few of you stepped up and helped and we thank you. (If You did and failed to receive a personal thank you from me, please let me know … Continue reading

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For all my local, CSRA readers….c’mon down on Saturday and say hello. Clear Channel Media and Entertainment and WJBF News Channel 6 are proud to present the BFF Blitz: 2 Hours of Power!, Saturday October 5th from 10 a.m. – … Continue reading

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Will You Be A Friend…A BFF?

I am taking this opportunity on behalf of Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation. I proudly serve as board chair for this incredible organization. The Burn Foundation helps families of patients treated at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, the … Continue reading

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The Chef & The Storm

A few weeks back, I forewarned of an upcoming, heart warming article. (And of course, it has one of my daughters involved.) Throughout my life, there have been people who because of some simple action, have left an indelible mark … Continue reading

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Advance Notice

Wednesday evening was the special screening of Trial By Fire: Lives Re-forged. I wrote about it here. There is a story that I am going to tell from that evening, but I want to wait for a few pictures, which … Continue reading

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Short Post Wednesday

The pictures say it all…. Sorry for the brevity post today; many things to get started on this morning, miles to drive and people to see. Tonight will be capped off by Alicia and I helping to host the Trial … Continue reading

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A Lead Up To Wednesday

On Wednesday, The Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation kicks off our 25th anniversary with two special screenings of the movie, “Trial By Fire: Lives Re-Forged. The afternoon event is open to the public. If you are free around 1pm, head over … Continue reading

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“Scars Are Like Tattoos…

…But with Better Stories”…Karin McKemey. For many people, Monday is the most dreaded day of the week…re-visiting last week’s problems. For some however, it is the opportunity to start anew. Today, I am posting articles about two men who know … Continue reading

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Weekend Update Pt. 1, Burn Survivors Reunion

Yesterday was the annual, “Burn Survivors Reunion” held at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center, (JMS), located at Doctors Hospital, Augusta, GA. For anyone who is a new reader, I serve as the vice-chaiman of the board of the Southeastern … Continue reading

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