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In a few months, our family will celebrate twenty years of living  in South Carolina. Still considered by many to be an  an interloper, I have slowly assimilated into the culture and  knew that one day, I would be able … Continue reading

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North Comma South Carolina

I posted this video a few years ago and the version I had was pulled, so I thought it was lost….until I found it this morning at Random Thoughts of a Chaotic Mind. Bless Your Heart. And for the record, … Continue reading

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Easy Way Out

It’s cold out. (13 tonight with winds at 25-35mph….that’s cold for South Carolina) I’m tired. I do not feel creative. I could not open the bottle of wine with my shoe tonight. But, I need to post something. If you … Continue reading

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Southern Boy

This is Landon. Landon lives in Minnesota. He recently came to visit his family in South Carolina and they decided it was time for some Southern food. His great grandmother showed me his picture and I knew right then, Landon … Continue reading

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There Is Hope

Maybe all hope is not lost? The future of America? My kind of Valedictorian and another good reason to live in South Carolina. Valedictorian Rips Up Approved Speech, Recites Lord’s Prayer

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Road Trip

This fifty-two year old is taking a road trip “Up North” to visit his parents and a few other family members for a week. I am sure that there will be lots of posts and pictures of Fall, (which really … Continue reading

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Rob provides us a reminder that summer is almost over with If You Catch A Firefly, causing me to realize that I cannot recall the last time I have actually seen a firefly. As a child growing up in New … Continue reading

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Bill Cosby, Understanding Southern

Debbie, from SCCBS sent this to me the other day when I have dealing with some issues. She wanted me to laugh. Roger That. For the record, I live half way between North and Due West Listen to Bill

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