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No Matter Where You Go. . .

People are going to die. A few more photos from my trip to Tanzania back in 2007. Caskets sold on dirt streets, Toyota “hearses” and overgrown cemeteries next to football fields. It’s all part of living.           … Continue reading

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Your Father Is Dead And My Pot Roast Is Ruined

The year was 2001 and a funeral director could not go for 24 hours without someone asking what they thought about the HBO TV show, Six Feet Under, (SFU). It created an interest  in our field not  seen since Jessica … Continue reading

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Go Figure

“To be tested is good.   The challenged life may be the best therapist”    –Gail Sheehy Thats funny, I’m been thinking about finding a therapist because of all the challenges in my life. Maybe I’ll just wait and save the … Continue reading

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A Lesson Observed

I was in Augusta, GA several times this past week, getting  death certificates signed and  filed. (I’m an undertaker, remember?) One of the certificates was being signed by a resident at Georgia Regents University Hospital, (Still referred to as “MCG” … Continue reading

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Say What?

Just when I think I’ve heard everything, I read this.       It is a basic yearning of those that mourn, but can it be duplicated in the laboratory? Thanks to connectingdirectors.com

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Coming Attractions

A re-blog of a re-blog….The Cycle of Life. Coming attractions for all of us… Cheery thought, eh? Like the sands of the hour glass, so are the days of our lives.  

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How Did I Survive? (A Saga)

Back in the good ol’ days, you did not get a social security number/card on the day you were born; you received it when you started working. I started on my first real job during the Summer of 1974 and … Continue reading

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