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Almost Equal Time

The editorial staff here at A Simple VIllage Undertaker make “no bones” about the fact that we are partial to canines and not enthusiastic cat fans. That being said, we acknowledge that there might be a handful of readers in … Continue reading

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Compare & Contrast

I have had both…I’m sticking with my pack of Labs. “The difference between dogs and cats is that dogs have masters and cats have staff”….Rush Limbaugh Thanks to @foodiewinoSF

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Early Algore

The Algore bloodline goes back a long, long way. Thanks, Ron.

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You Mean That Algore Did Not Invent The Internet?

Not so, according to Bob Cringley The DARPA Way I started this evening by writing a very controversial column about religion, faith and death, based on a column I read this morning. Boy, was I going to get some readers … Continue reading

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Dogs vs. Cats

Another one of those rare times I do a post with the iPad. I am waiting for my flight back home and Jelly sent these to me. I’ll start off by repeating a quote I heard from Rush Limbaugh, many … Continue reading

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This I Learned While I Shivered

This past Saturday afternoon, shortly after completing a funeral service, I became host to that most dreaded and unwelcome visitor…the flu. I spent the next forty-eight hours in bed. I don’t think I have ever felt that bad in my … Continue reading

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