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Holy Condiments

Here is a photo from  Sunday while assisting with a funeral at Stevensville United Methodist Church.  This is a creative visual, reminding me that being faithful can be fun.  My responsibilities at the funeral yesterday did not give me much … Continue reading

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Did You Show Him My Card?

It was the summer of 1978…the end of the summer.  A few days earlier, I had been deposited three and a half hours away from home at Mt. St. Mary’s College (now University). It was the first weekend away from … Continue reading

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Editorial: What We Deserve

The name has been nagging at me, on and off for several months…mostly since I came to learn that Sirius/XM was giving him his own channel. There are some people I can look at and immediately have a real good … Continue reading

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The Joy Of Repentance

From Fr. Dwight’s Standing on My Head Blog: The Joy of Repentance A good lesson for us all.

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Sacramentalized, But Not Evangelized

Fr. Dwight hits it head on….and interestingly enough, Fr. Wilson touched on this during his homily yesterday. Sacramentalized but not evangelized No bad for a Catholic Priest who went to Bob Jones University, which is not your typical incubator of … Continue reading

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Our Body and Death

…The Goodness and Sacredness of the body, Crass Materialism and the Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary. This is some very good information regarding funerals for Catholics. It is a delemma that I find myself dealing with almost every day…sometimes … Continue reading

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Trendy Silliness

I also came across this on the Maggie’s Farm Blog….. This article illustrates, very clearly and supports my belief that one of the reasons fewer people are going to church is because many of the churches have stopped doing what … Continue reading

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“To love means loving the unlovable. To forgive means pardoning the unpardonable. Faith means believing the unbelievable. Hope means hoping when everything seems hopeless.”…G. K. Chesterton

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On Atheists

A Picture is worth a thousand words….Another Chesterton quote.

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Not For One Second

I mentioned a controversial topic the other day…..Here we go. I suppose that it might be appropriate to offer a disclaimer that the following is my opinion and we all know what they say about opinions… I have my beliefs, … Continue reading

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As Angels Cry

A very serious piece of music, posted while thinking about many of my friends in various stages of recovery and all our “isms” Corey Smith is all over the map with his music and this song illustrates the heart of … Continue reading

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Fr. Dwight Is On A Roll

Yesterday, I posted a column by Fr. Dwight Longenecker regarding whether we Catholics worship Mary. Today, he hit on the topic of married priests and women priests…in a very cogent manner….helping me to better understand this simple, yet complex issue. … Continue reading

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Do Catholics Worship Mary?

A recurring question…asked and/or thought about by many. Father Dwight Longenecker clears up any mis-conceptions, using his unique style of mixing wisdom, humor and just an occasional pinch of sarcasm. Be sure to click on his bio to get a … Continue reading

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