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Everyone needs recognition for his accomplishments but few people make the need known quite as clearly as the little boy who said to his father; “Let’s play darts, I’ll throw and you say “Wonderful!’” Arthur Lenechan

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What Are You Reading?

I was reminded today that I was supposed to be reading a book that was given to me by the man who could have been the inspiration for the  movie, “School of Rock.” Yes, I’m referring to the one and … Continue reading

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Books are the quietest and most constant of friends;                                             they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, … Continue reading

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Since It Is Thursday

This is the oldest photo that I have.   Dad reading to me back in 1963. Even today, he is always into at least one book. I guess that is where I picked up that habit. Remember, you will be … Continue reading

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Coincidence Redux

Last evening, I spoke of my plans for today,  under  the title, Coincidence? While doing my morning reading, I came accross this reminder from Fr. Thomas Moore: “If we cease to read books, if we just watch movies, videos, the … Continue reading

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What Changed?

As a younger man, I would rush to the water as soon as we were unpacked, sometimes even before that.  Hours spent in the sand and surf,  receiving renewing energy from the salt water. Today, after Mass, I cooked breakfast … Continue reading

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Advice For The Day, 1st Installment

Pretty simple fact and known to me for a long time.   Look here.   Note: That dark, angled item on the shelf is the first “nightstick” my father was issued when he became a police officer in Hillside, NJ … Continue reading

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An Honor

Another first if my fifty-four year life. I have been given a “Advance Reading Copy” of the new book by an author whose first book I read and promoted on SVU. Quite an honor as I see it. Most of … Continue reading

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Start Young & Pay Attention

Last Thursday, I saw a tweet that was tagged, #tbt and not knowing what it meant, asked my social media savvy daughter, Elissa to fill me in. It was then I first learned about Throw Back Thursday….tweeting a photo from … Continue reading

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And after I got tossed out of Steve’s House, I would head over to Kurt’s and compare books. Then, on the way home, I could stop at Eclectity, where they like their women bookish.

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Also True…Probably

This is third hand…..it came through Kurt, who borrowed it from KA-CHING but I do believe this to be true.

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