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Not In My House!

“Borrowed” from our friends accross the pond, Little Fears “I went to a psychiatrist once,” said Bush. “Why’s that?” asked Shrub. “Because I thought I was a dog,” said Bush. “What happened?” asked Shrub. “Well I got there, and she … Continue reading

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Online Dating . . .

. . .  it’s not just for humans. t Thanks, Carla.

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Not Another Injection?

Martha had a visit to the doggie clinic yesterday as it seemed that she had a  UTI. One shot, all better and still looking cute as a button.   I can’t wait to finally meet her in a few weeks.

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Not Feeling The Love

My wife went back to South Carolina for a a visit and got to meet Megan’s new puppy, Martha. It seems that Maggie, the canine matriarch of the Visotski pack (look to back seat) is not  feeling the love.  My … Continue reading

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A Clarification

“People talk about “finding” their lives. In reality, your life is not something you find . .  it’s something you create”.         David Phillips

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Look Who Has Turned Five!

One of the recurring themes on SVU for the last five years has been our four dogs, Black Labs to be exact. It was five years ago today that “The Two Puppies” were born.  I realized this afternoon  that it … Continue reading

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It Is Never Too Early…

…To practice taking charge. It is all about attitude. Thanks Carla

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A Piano

Lots of “fur love” all lined up in a row. Thanks to Maggie @tweet2u2 Happy Tuesday Everyone.

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