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The Difference (A Social Observation)

This was passed on to me by a friend.  True or not, it is still a good example. A guy looked at my Corvette the other day and said, “I wonder how many people could have been fed for the … Continue reading

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Supporting A Hypothesis

A re-blog from Ann Althouse regarding satire. Watch the video. I got it right away. Did you?  

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The World We Live In

. . .  brought to you each day by the editorial staff at Ecelcticity Light.  

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A Lighthearted Observation

Regardless of what side you see your politics from, you might  find this amusing.  If not amusing,  aggravating. Larry tries his best to explain, considering the number of investigations he investigated. A lighthearted observation Again, thanks to Carla  

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It’s Cool To Blame Them

The new, default excuse: My guess is they are not responsible for this either.

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Don’t Worry, Adults Are In Charge

Re-Blogged from Ann Althouse.      Don’t worry about China going to war over a phone call I know some of you are still trying to figure out what happened and why. Don’t worry. It will be OK.    

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Thank You, Kurt. . .

. . . who is not a famous actor, but he is a very smart guy. This is too good not to share and I’ll be happy to take any incoming insults. Thank you, famous actors. And since you are … Continue reading

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Commentary From 100 Acre Wood

Pooh Bear nails it.

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Twitter Wisdom

It’s safe to say that this has been one of the most, if not the most,  polarizing election cycles in my lifetime. I never cease to be amazed at how reasonably sane people can look at the same situation and … Continue reading

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An Observation

It has been my observation that  “hate” and “racist” are two of the most miss-used words of our current era, (error?). Coming across this panel on Twitter, I thought it to be a telling, sign of the times.   ** … Continue reading

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An Observation

“The chief  feature of our time is the meekness of the mob and the madness of the government” G. K. Chesterton             Written in 1922, it is still fitting today.

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Call Me Cynical

I’m taking a few days off to tend to some family business. Here are a few thoughts to ponder until I return.  Nothing better than romance and politics on a Friday evening. Further Acknowledgement of a Hallmark Holiday, courtesy of: … Continue reading

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As Usual . . .

I agree with my buddy Doug aka “E” as he reports on  Pope Francis Visits The Sick. Good reporting and way to go, Scooter.   

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Dare To Dream

I live in South Carolina and I pass by the Capital a few times each week. I remember when the Confederate flag flew atop the statehouse, before “the compromise”. Me, a guy who grew up in North New Jersey, used … Continue reading

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Personality Trait

Thanks to our friend Carla for pointing this out for me….. Unfortunately, not my style of shirt. Speaking of BS…Tuesday is election day. Exercise your responsibility to vote and then rejoice in the fact that the dam commercials/telephone calls and … Continue reading

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