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Can Someone Explain This To Me?

Over the last few weeks, I have encountered more than a few situations where our funeral home was called to care for a family  where there has been a death due to heroin overdose.   During the day, I have … Continue reading

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The Blues, Tupelo Style

Paul Thorn,  a revival song as only he can do. . . And yes, we still have tent revivals down South. “Mission Temple Fireworks Stand”.  

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Read about one, very personal observation of a tradition here. The end of the story reminds me of a song by Paul Thorn in which he sings about his family.

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Interesting Sunday Dinners

Paul Thorn must have sat through some very interesting, Sunday dinners. Here is a story about his father and his uncle…. The title track from the album; Pimps & Preachers…what a great, bass line.

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Over With You

The latest album from Steve Forbert, Over With You was released on September 11, 2012. You may recall I have written about Steve several times and most recently, voiced my disappointment with the last time we traveled to Atlanta to … Continue reading

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If Anybody Asks…

…Just Tell ‘Em He Committed Suicide. Bull Mountain Bridge Performed by Paul Thorn…from the What The Hell is Goin On? CD (With Ain’t Love Strange) Bull Mountain Bridge was written by Wild Bill Emerson. He’s a fairly obscure old-school country … Continue reading

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I Don’t Like…

…Half the folks I love. A solo, acoustic performance by Paul Thorn, telling the story of many a family. Check this guy out on YouTube as he plays an eclectic mix of blues, gospel, folk and rock…sometimes all at once.

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