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Because Russians Are Red.

Last week, I sent a little surprise back to Licking County with the Laymans. I knew that Pat would appreciate the 1/32″ scale model of FDNY Ladder 10, also known as “Ten Truck” and since I had two….. It was a … Continue reading

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Truth In Advertising

Ah, the things we say to impress people. Thanks to Patrick Guanciale, realtor to the stars in Licking County, OH.      

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Nice Try, Scooter

Here is an “oldie, but goodie”. Thanks to Pat Guanciale for the reminder.  

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Pat Guanciale presents how to dream. Steve Forbert clarifies things a bit from his perspective: The Lyrics: Well dogs chase cars, and men chase dreams. The dog is the more practical it seems. But a dream can help a person, … Continue reading

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Teach Your Children

No, not the hippie song by CSN&Y, but an important message from Pat Guanciale. Teach your Children

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Time Out

I’ve decided to take Pat’s advice for a day or so… Very long days and I need a short rest. Coloring sounds like fun. See you back here in a day or so….. Thanks to Pat Guanciale

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Observations Becoming Real

Pat Guanciale has taken a bit of a hiatus from his blogging, but returns with this post, which he calls Words reminds me of myself growing older…in a funny way.

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Twice Stolen

Here is a great list from Pat Guanciale, who stole it from menshealth.com With Father’s Day coming next month, this may help in finding just the right gift. Get To Work

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Teaching Luke

Here is Professor of Life, Patrick Guanciale, preparing to teach his grandson, the meaning of life, via nineteen, important truths. Teaching Luke Luckily, Pat is a giving guy and willing to share the truth with anyone able to read.

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Shine Your Feet

“WHEN YOU GO SOMEPLACE NICE, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS SHINE YOUR FEET”….Snoopy Why did I think of Harden and Guanciale when I read that? (rhetorical question)

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Of Course I Would Pay To Do That!

An article from FirefighterNation.com in which leaders of the beleaguered City of Detroit are considering letting outside firefighters supplement their paid ranks. From a safety point of view, it is a disaster waiting to happen…but there would be no shortage … Continue reading

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Remember When?

It is a sad day for The United States. Pat Guanciale reminds us of a day long gone here

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Dressing Like a Gentleman

The other day, I stopped by Lionel Smith, Ltd. mens store in Aiken and was met at the door by store manager, Danny Minolfo Danny and I have been acquainted since the first week I moved to town thirteen years … Continue reading

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A Great Truth, Uncovered

Thanks to Pat, you can see it here…. Pat Guanciale

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