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That Voice

Struggling to find a topic for this morning’s post, I found myself frustrated. Then, I asked myself, “What calms me down when I need it?”   The answer: The voice and wisdom of the late Og Mandino. I never had … Continue reading

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Just A Different Kettle Of Fish

In just a few weeks, this blog will be six years old.  These virtual pages have introduced me to many that I now call “friend.”  Some I have met and others are on far-away continents,  but there are common bonds. … Continue reading

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“I Know Him, Sergius! This Is Another Miracle!”

Does anyone, other than myself, instantly recognize those words? Today is the first day of Advent… the period of preparation leading up to Christmas. We all have our favorite Christmas stories and mine is the story about Hafid, The Greatest … Continue reading

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A famous quote by Og Mandino, from The Greatest Salesman In The World. The book has nothing to do with sales training, but it has everything to do with living. Read the book.

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I Wonder

There are some people who I know, that no matter how hard I try to brighten their day, they still scowl. If I go out of my way to try to lighten their load, they don’t notice and keep complaining. … Continue reading

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I remember a quote from either Zig Ziglar or Og Mandino… (It could have been said by either) “Failure only matters if it is the last time you try” Keep trying.

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I Will Greet This Day…

Some advice from The Greatest Salesman in The World. Take six minutes and Listen to Og Mandino…..as he takes on the persona of Hafid, reading the second scroll. “I will greet this day with love in my heart…..”

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