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Hey, I Was There!

This may be the first professionally shot, YouTube video that I have come accross, of a concert that I was actually at.  I was with a friend I haven’t seen now in many years. Do you remember Craig & Carmella? … Continue reading

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A Little Cracked?

This is a recycled post from May of 2012.  Blue To A Blind Man A beautiful song for a dreary, Saturday morning. Thanks, Ken. You are a gifted story teller and have been a favorite of mine  since 1996.

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A Better World

I came accross this image for the first time in a few years and it has always reminded me of Jack Johnson’s music, which in turn reminds me of the the time I saw him perform. It was with my … Continue reading

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Yea, He Can Play Like That

While searching for something to post this evening, I came accross this video on the globaly acclaimed  Presurfer Blog.  Couldn’t help but think about my bass-playing brother in arms,  Jim, aka “Mr. P.” Yea,  “P”  can play like that. . … Continue reading

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Again, Again

Once again, (first mentioned here: Again)  I woke up this morning with a song  on my mind.  I could not shake it and it kept playing inside my head,  over and over again. I am becoming a big fan of … Continue reading

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What Happened to January?

A new month, a new week, more political commercials and Monday. Get up & drink coffee. Be happy & do great things Stay positive…. and remember to listen to some good music. Thanks to Carla for the picture.    

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List #1: Top 20 Studio Recordings

I prepared a precurser list two years ago…My top Twenty. Then and now are pretty  consistant when you factor in the new categories and how musical tastes can develope over time.. I also didn’t realize how long it would take to … Continue reading

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Making Some Lists & Checking Them Twice

Music has always been an important part of my life and a significant part of this blog.  Whether it is listening to music, playing it by myself or with the band, there is always a song close by. I was … Continue reading

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And Now For Something Completely Different

No, not line from a Monty Python skit, but referring to a “blogging-buddy” who has  written something outside of his normal genre…and done it with great eloquence and insight. A blog that I follow is  Kurt Nemes’ Classical Music Almanac. … Continue reading

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Good Point, Geddy

WARNING: This should be considered an editorial opinion.  I’m sure there will be those who disagree with me. I get it and welcome meaningful dialogue about this topic of great importance. (Just kidding). I have been holding on to this … Continue reading

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In those days, the music was better so you were happy to get all the songs, well at least most of the time. It was like TV…seven channels growing up just outside New York City and almost anything then was … Continue reading

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That List I’ve Been Promising

A list of my favorite “albums” that I have meaning to post for awhile….(due to popular demand). I still am suffering from a case of writers/bloggers block and apologize for the superficial content. So here is the list in no … Continue reading

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Green River

One of the first “hits” by Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR), back in 1969. (Great website, BTW) These guys were raw, without any of the fancy electronics that make mediocre musicians sound better than they really are. In listening to some … Continue reading

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Nothin But The Blues

I stumbled across this, undated, (early 1970’s?) version of Johnny Winter picking out Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo…Amazing! The title is a reference to his album by the same name…Nothin But The Blues. Those of you who know “The Blues” … Continue reading

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Music Is Fuel

From Mr. Kanigan…. Music is Fuel. I Am a Serious Consumer

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