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All Mushrooms are edible. Some are only edible once. Thanks to John Allen for this wisdom *Note.  Besides Father’s Day, tomorrow is my dad’s 86th birthday. I’m in NJ for a few days and blogging will be taking a back … Continue reading

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My Friend The Mycophagist

A mycophagist is one who is a mushroom fancier or a “fungus eater.” The only fungi however, of interest to a mycophagist, are the edible, rubbery, umbrella shaped varities. Why else would anyone put pictures of  seasoned, succulent, simmering fungi … Continue reading

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M & M’s

Not the kind that melt in your mouth, not in your hand, but Mushrooms & Morels. Far be it for me to take the time to get to the bottom of this, but the recent rainfalls, (unofficial, but based on … Continue reading

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Feed Your Head

I never tried the stuff, but know some people who did. I was not old enough to be at Woodstock, But I know some people who were. Sounds like a fun time…..sorry I missed it. Thanks to @donnaBee511 for the … Continue reading

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