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What Are You Reading?

I’m preparing for a mid-week business trip and have selected “The Return of The Prodigal Son,” by Fr. Henri Nouwen to distract me from the annoyances  of flying commercial. The opening paragraph:   There was a man who had two sons. … Continue reading

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Through The Smoke

The old man lit his pipe,     Blowing smoke above and below and in the four directions. Then he blew smoke on himself to be at one with the cosmos And told the boy a story about the first … Continue reading

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Poetry Lesson

Dr. Bill Heath, former Associate Professor of English, came to Mt. St. Mary’s after I had graduated and we have never met.     Below is his roadmap for learning to appreciate poetry. Couldn’t we apply this idea to just … Continue reading

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The Sky Was Purple

Categorize as “Rambling Memories” Back during 1978-1982,   while away at Mt. St. Mary’s University,  when it was still a “college,”  a habit was started that has spanned over thirty-five years. The lead in story:  One of my buddies there … Continue reading

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Little Things Are Important

Below is a link to a recent article by one of my college biology professors. Dr. Bill Meredith was interesting then and is still interesting now. When I read the story, I can still hear his voice, even after the … Continue reading

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My Reminders

Whenever I visit Emmitsburg, I am reminded of what we hear on Ash Wednesday…. “Man thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return” I also am reminded of what joy and peace is mine here.

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Saturday Evening Wrap Up

A few quick comments….. Thank you to Morguie and CJ for re-blogging my article, “No Excuse And Fewer Options”. They drove a plethora of readers to my blog which resulted in lots of comments and new followers. Thank you both … Continue reading

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Dr. Bill

I am a fan of Emmitsburg, MD. If you do not believe me, type in “Emmitsburg” in the search box in the upper, right hand corner of this page. I spent four years there at Mt. St. Mary’s College….1978-1982. I … Continue reading

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The Routine

Note: I attended Mt. St. Mary’s College, now University, graduating in 1982. There is a highly respected seminary located at the college, considered to be one of the most conservative seminaries in the Country, meaning that it stays true to … Continue reading

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A Saintly Birthday

Today marks the 238th anniversary of the birth of Elizabeth Ann (Bayley) Seton…the first American born Saint in the Roman Catholic tradition. Because of our shared connection to Emmitsburg, I have (and continue to) study her life and to pray … Continue reading

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This I Know To Be True

I came across an article this morning on Father Allan McDonald’s Blog, Southern Orders. Fr. McDonald illustrates two perspectives and then comments on them in a very cogent way. This article may be even more interesting if you are not … Continue reading

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Thirty Years

This is Alumni Weekend at my college, Mt. St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, MD. This is a special weekend for my class as it marks the 30th anniversary of our being dispatched from Mary’s Mountain with diploma in hand. I … Continue reading

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Delaying The Inevitable

I remember taking a graduate level class in toxicology when I was a senior at Mt. St. Mary’s College. The class was taught by three, PhD/MD research scientists from NIH. The primary doctor stated at the beginning of the semester … Continue reading

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Fr. David Shaum

It is with sadness that I just learned of the death of one of my college professors, Fr. David Shaum. I was fortunate to run into Fr. Shaum a year or so ago while I was visiting “The Mount”. We … Continue reading

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St. Francis of Assisi

Today, in the Roman Catholic tradition, is the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi. Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is … Continue reading

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