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When Books Come To Life

Here is a very intriguing post from London, UK, via the rolling hills of Lancaster County, PA…. When Books Come To Life Thanks to Mme. Scherzo

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Reverse Image

Mme. Scherzo, one of my favorite daily reads, illustrates a bit of irony here….Reverse Image Why do we do what we do? Why are we what we are?

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From Mme. Scherzo. Punography

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My 1,400th Post…

…and still having fun doing it. I will acknowledge this milestone of sorts by re-blogging a post from one of my favorite, daily reads, Mme. Scherzo. “We have tyranny because we willingly accept tyranny” Read the news story attached and … Continue reading

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Peace Vs. Right

Highlighted by Mme. Scherzo This will be printed and hung on the wall in my office before the end of the day.

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It was a late night getting in. It was an early morning getting up. Today will be a very long day, as will Thursday. As the line in the song, 157 Riverside Avenue goes…”not enough time and too many things … Continue reading

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Who Am I To Argue?

Mme. Scherzo suggests all bloggers make room for this on their blog. I might try to make one later today.

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Shine On

Courtesy of Mme. Scherzo, a very special version of….Shine on You Crazy Diamond originally from the Wish You Were Here record And a dam good version at that.

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Where Do You Stand?

Here is an interesting quote from Benjamin Franklin It goes hand in hand with this panel. Either of these sound familiar?

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No Limits

Here is something to ponder on a Sunday morning when you are deciding whether or not to go to church. Satan knows no limits when attacking those who are trying to do good. He is always on the prowl for … Continue reading

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From Mme. Scherzo….Four pictures and one word…cogent and chilling.

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Easier Said…

…Than done The Madame appears again….(I still miss the “piano” masthead) Good Advice delivered by Mme. Scherzo

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A Pyrrhic Victory

An unusual phrase…Courtesy of Mme. Scherzo The Story (read first): We Won!! I saved you the trouble: (read second) Pyrrhic Victory

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The People Have Spoken

Another treat from Mme. Scherzo. Is requiring a voter ID racist? Apparently this is a democrat image….a reference to voting multiple times… “votes”…. I wonder what Freud (or Charles Shumer) would have to say about that?

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Reminders of March

Thank You, Mme. Scherzo…a reminder of what much of Aiken looks like in March.

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