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In From The Wilderness

In From The Wilderness Lying there in low spirits, he also felt afraid of God, because during prayer he had fallen into helpless crying, accusing God of being a failure as a father, “You weren’t there! You are not there … Continue reading

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Opening Paragraphs

Opening Paragraphs. In The Beginning.  I retrieved my luggage from the carousel and rolled the bag with its small squeaking plastic wheels into the arrivals hall of Ottawa International Airport. Jetlagged, but relieved to have passed immigration, I saw my … Continue reading

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Welcome, Number Four.

Until today, there were three, living  authors, that if they write something, I will make sure that I buy and read it. The three are: Michael D. O’brien    Andra Watkins James Rebanks Today, I added a fourth,  L. B … Continue reading

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Note To Self, Do Again.

Today, I took the advice of blogging mentor, Kurt Harden and unplugged for twelve hours of an “Analogue Sunday” It was refreshing  and I suggest you try it yourself.  No “technology or TV for a day” A rainy day in … Continue reading

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Of Course, A Holiday

I remember this sentence from a book I am almost finished reading,  by Michael D O’Brien,  The Fool of New York City. “. . . or it could be a case of your brain just needing a holiday and taking … Continue reading

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Opening Paragraphs

“You awake from a dream. The dream dissolves in the frosted breath of your mouth. From where you lie on the bed’s metal springs, you can see a window permitting light to enter the room. You see rooftops of a … Continue reading

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On Deck

One of my favorite authors is Michael D. O’Brien.  As I review my bookshelf, I have thirteen of his books, which I believe is close to, if not all his published works. A remarkable storyteller, here is the link to … Continue reading

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My First Award

Gracious appreciation to Melissa at SingleMomUnschooling for nominating me for the  Sunshine Blogger Award; my first award after almost 2,800 posts and  six years of blogging. This award is for bloggers who spread sunshine and positivity throughout the blogging community.  Like my … Continue reading

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Twenty Years Later, The Story Continues

Have you ever held a book in your hands after completing it, and  just knew that you would never forget it? For me, that has happened only a handful of occasions.  I recall however,  a time in January of 1999 … Continue reading

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What Changed?

As a younger man, I would rush to the water as soon as we were unpacked, sometimes even before that.  Hours spent in the sand and surf,  receiving renewing energy from the salt water. Today, after Mass, I cooked breakfast … Continue reading

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I just started reading Michael D. O’Brien’s new book, written with Mate Krajina, entitled The Donkey Dialogues Here is a link to one review, which interestingly enough, makes reference to a topic I wrote about just yesterday….here. The revie of … Continue reading

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A quote from one of my favorite authors, Michael D. O’Brien.

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Question Of The Evening

I know that there are many “serious” readers that follow my blog. Here is a special, guest post from Dewey Decimal’s Butler, entitled, Dinner With An Author Let’s see how many comments we can add to her post? I already … Continue reading

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Middle Paragraphs

The condo is much quieter as my wfie and two of our daughters have left the beach to participate in other responsibilities. I can’t recall us ever having as much “family fun” as we had earlier this week. As a … Continue reading

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Opening Paragraphs

5 October 2097 A week from now I leave this sanctuary–my home, my solitude, my consolation. I have almost completed packing, though I remain haunted by a sense of the unreality of what is about to happen. Even so, without … Continue reading

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