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There It Is!

Megan posted this photo on Instagram, warming my heart on a cold winter’s night. There it is, that splash of green, all the way in Uganda. What, you ask? It’s a family heirloom.

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A Novel Idea

I am a lucky guy, (forget what I wrote yesterday and the day before). We do not celebrate Father’s Day in my house because every day is Father’s Day for me. That being said, over a decade ago, my daughters … Continue reading

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A One Of A Kind, Kinda Guy

It has been my experience that people often come into our lives at just the right times and leave an permanent mark, just by being there, doing what they are supposed to be doing. They do it so well that … Continue reading

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What Is Important?

From remote offices at The Columbia Club, located in Indianapolis, IN…Megan and I are the guests of a very special friend as we make our way to move-in at Marquette. The visit is a perfect set-up for this video. What … Continue reading

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