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Nope, I Cannot Play Like That.

Yea, I have a few guitars and can make some noise….But, I’m challenged. First challenge  is that I’m tone deaf. We have even toyed with calling the band the “Tone Deaf Undertakers”…catchy, eh? Because of that genetic deficiency, and the … Continue reading

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Read, Think, Laugh

I’m running on empty this week and depending on my team to help until we get “Barkaritaville” behind us. All of you locals are welcome to come support the Aiken SPCA and hear classic rock (and some not so classic) … Continue reading

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Waggin’ My Tail Again in Barkaritaville

This PSA brought to you by the band filling in for LDB. Three weeks until Barkaritaville. Enjoy all the beverages, food, and fun Barkaritaville has to offer and then vote on your faves! Barclay Bishop and Jay Jeffries will emcee … Continue reading

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Movin’ On Up

If you have been reading this blog for any period of time, you know that I play guitar in what best can be best described as a garage band of middle aged dads. (Some of the boys may take offense … Continue reading

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In those days, the music was better so you were happy to get all the songs, well at least most of the time. It was like TV…seven channels growing up just outside New York City and almost anything then was … Continue reading

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