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Hydra’s Seatbelt

It’s simple It’s silly It made me smile on this dark, dreary, humid morning. In less than a minute, you can smile too! (and I’ll wager that you will be repeating the punchline throughout the day) Click on Hydra’s Seatbelt,  courtesy … Continue reading

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Not In My House!

“Borrowed” from our friends accross the pond, Little Fears “I went to a psychiatrist once,” said Bush. “Why’s that?” asked Shrub. “Because I thought I was a dog,” said Bush. “What happened?” asked Shrub. “Well I got there, and she … Continue reading

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Key Point

“Red has a job?” asked Cloud.                                            “He’s the local theatre’s chief locksmith,” replied Yuffie. “I see,” said Cloud, not … Continue reading

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