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My Friend The Mycophagist

A mycophagist is one who is a mushroom fancier or a “fungus eater.” The only fungi however, of interest to a mycophagist, are the edible, rubbery, umbrella shaped varities. Why else would anyone put pictures of  seasoned, succulent, simmering fungi … Continue reading

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Thanks, Al

Last evening, Steve & Michele Layman came by for dinner as they made the treck from Newark, OH towards the hallowed grounds of the Augusta National for today’s action. It serves as  another example of how the CSRA and Licking … Continue reading

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Oh, Why Not?

I read this over at Steve Layman’s Blog this morning. A little irreverant for some, but “Pythonesque” for others.

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Observations Becoming Real

Pat Guanciale has taken a bit of a hiatus from his blogging, but returns with this post, which he calls Words reminds me of myself growing older…in a funny way.

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Labor Day 2013

Steve Layman is always a good source for material to re-blog. He may not consider this some of his most noteworthy material, but it fits the day. Here goes. Be back tomorrow.

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2,134.3 Miles….

…And worth each and every one of them! Missions Accomplished. Megan is happily situated at Marquette University. It appears that everything is going well with her getting ready to start classes on Monday. Alicia and I were able to meet … Continue reading

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Get Up & Get Started

A few days old, but still fresh and worth remembering. Get off your butt. Courtesy of Rob F. @ The Hammock Papers

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Six Years & Counting

One of my blogging mentors is celebrating six years on the “Interditch”. Kurt’s blog, CulturalOffering.com, was one of my earliest influences and Kurt has been a mentor to me in the world of blogging. I have often mentioned him as … Continue reading

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Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Cheri sent this…how true. In all the years I have been in this field, I have never heard this sentiment stated this way. I will remember, print and frame this. Quote for Yesterday

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Yes, It Is True

Kurt Harden is a winner I always wondered what the story was behind this picture of Kurt….? True

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Courage And Honesty

One of the benefits of blogging is getting to meet people from around the world that you would not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. It is uniquely weird that over the years, I have become friendly with several … Continue reading

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Teaching Luke

Here is Professor of Life, Patrick Guanciale, preparing to teach his grandson, the meaning of life, via nineteen, important truths. Teaching Luke Luckily, Pat is a giving guy and willing to share the truth with anyone able to read.

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